Audio EarWax Plus!

Audio EarWax Plus!



Sit back & listen
Sit back & listen


Let’s blow the dust off of a couple parody radio commercials in this edition of Audio EarWax.

Both pieces were written by My Odd Sock and produced by my friend at Tony Gialluca Productions.


Simply click on the blue title and your computer’s media player should open to play these :60 mp3 files.


Screaming Mercy Hospital

Tired of those feel-good commercials for area hospitals?

Here’s one for a brand-new medical facility. 

Welcome to Screaming Mercy Hospital



Three Hour Leg Cramp

Makers of those little bottles of energy boosters have come up with an exciting new product.

Take a swig of Three Hour Leg Cramp


*          *           *          *          *


More Funny…No Money

(Like anyone would pay for this garbage!)



Fries Lies


Be honest with me
Be honest with me


This ad from Wendy’s has me scratching my head.

“We believe honest food just tastes better.”


Has my food been dishonest?

Does my cantelope take me for a dope?

I’m watching you food.  You better be straight with me from now on.

No lies.  More pies!



Sign of The Times



The real poop.
The real poop.



Finally, a sign that sums up everything found on this lousy website.

We’ve got loads of manure here!


(Organic manure?…..Is there such a thing as “inorganic” manure?)




If The Shirts Fits, Wear It.


First grade.
First grade.


Here is My Odd Sock’s picture in the first grade.

(My barber was a heavy boozer.)


I remember this picture because of that snazzy blue shirt.

The shirt was nearly impossible to get over my incredible, water-tower sized head.


It hurt & made me cry every time I put it on.




Still struggling
Still struggling


Today, some 40 years later, I still struggle getting shirts over my head!


OMG, it’s no wonder my Mom is as bow-legged as an ol’cowboy.

You laugh, but let’s see you give birth to a bowling ball with appendages.

Try passing a cannon ball through your privates!


Now you know why people stand on my shady side!



That’s enough low-brow humor for now.

May you have a fun & safe Memorial Day weekend.  (Remember our vets!)











One Reply to “Audio EarWax Plus!”

  1. The sock is out of control and I love it! The three hour leg cramp also has a limited edition special called the all day leg cramp! Just in case consumers need that extra push. Caution: The all day leg cramp can make you nutt out and go running and screaming for the hills. ~Olivia~