Clearing The Page

Clearing The Page



Sometimes it is best to start fresh.




As you can tell from the picture, My Odd Sock’s Topic/Idea page is plumb-full of scribbles, notes and enough unfunny jokes to remind one of an Adam Sandler movie (Or my stand-up act)!


But before I begin a new Topic/Idea page in my notebook, let’s clear out some leftover bits that have become as stale as a three-day-old doughnut….



Street Sign


Really?  Is this neccessary?
Really? Is this necessary?


I found this sign in my neighborhood.

Reading this, I feel bad for the kids who live in the area.

Being labeled as “Slow” can’t be good for their young, self-image!



That's better!
That's better!


To keep those kids in a positive frame of mind, this sign needs some punctuation.

A comma.

A period.

Something to break it up for cryin’ out loud!

Geez, I’m just saying.




Celebrity Look-Alike

Two folks from TV’s Food Network….

Anne Burrell


Cutie-pie chef Anne Burrell.

How does she get her hair to stand up like that?



And her twin…..


Guy Fieri

…celebrity chef and TV personality Guy Fieri.

These two must spend a fortune in hair-car products!

It always bothers me how Guy Fieri wears his sunglasses hooked on his ears and hanging around the back of his neck.

OK, you are cool, I get it. 

Now put your glasses where the rest of us middle-age nerds do—-in your shirt pocket!



Computer Fun


Polite way of saying "you loser!"
Polite way of saying "you loser!"


I saw this image recently on my computer screen.



Now, my laptop is making fun of my (lack-of) social calender!

VERY funny.  Just keep it up laptop.  You know you can be replaced with an iPad.



Medicine Cabinet


My God, how sick are you?
My God, how sick are you?


Here is a product I found in the medicine cabinet of our bathroom.

“Tylenol Cold & Flu Severe.”

The cold & flu stuff I understand….it’s the “Severe” designation I have a problem with!




When exactly do you cross the line with a “severe” virus?

If you’re spewing liver bile…Is that “severe” enough?

If your head is producing more mucus than a day-care of pre-schoolers…would you call that “severe?”

I’m thinking if you need anything labeled “severe,” maybe you should cut your loses–and call a friggin doctor!


Well, that clears up the old Topic/Idea page.

Time to start a new one and cross my fingers hoping the ideas will come to fill it in!





3 Replies to “Clearing The Page”

  1. No, don’t toss that page — there are many good topics there! Maybe the street sign meant that there were 35 slow children there — that’s a lot for a small area! ;->
    I love Anne Burrell, but Guy, not so much.
    Keep making us laugh!!!

  2. This is ridiculous! By the way…when do you cross the line from “over doing it” to a “relapse”? When do you stumble to your neuros office and yell and scream about sandpaper hands, numb feet and tilt a whirl brain? Is there something I can take? I will opt for the severe! Thanks for making me chuckle today.