Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing


 How does multiple sclerosis relate to a play by Bill Shakespeare?

Well, it doesn’t really—apart from the title.


From what I understand, the play is about love, cat-fighting & nit-picking (Kinda like a medieval episode of “Jersey Shore.”  ‘Does thou maiden Snooki love Benedick more than thee?’).


“Much ado about nothing” was just the first thought that entered my big, empty head during a recent visit with my MS doctor.



No papercuts with this dictionary!
No papercuts with this dictionary!


According to my pocket dictionary, “ado” means fuss.

And certainly when it comes to my MS (and probably yours too),  there isn’t much available in the form of treatment.




You see, I have secondary-progressive MS–the gradual downhill kind.  It’s the Soap Box Derby race of MS!

Since most MS medications are for the treatment of relapsing-remitting MS, my doctor put an end to my shot addiction over three years ago.


Although I haven’t missed taking a shot at all, I wondered if I should have ceased my medication as the doctor tells me the timed 25ft walk that I do before each visit has slowed by 10 seconds in the last 3 years!  (Yeah, forget using a stopwatch, I move so slowly you can time me with the minute hand!)


Has my MS progressed that much?


Which leads me to my next point.  I haven’t had an MRI since 2008.  Was it time for a new scan?

They told me they still do MRI’s on progressive MS patients—but were careful to warn me of how I might take the news.

Their point was well taken.

But the doctor did schedule an MRI in six months (right before my next visit–so I’ll get instant feedback on my status.


In the meantime, I suppose it is best to just relax and let MS take its course.  I’m only raising “much ado” because lately I feel like a dog turd in the hot sun…move slower than erosion…and can doze off faster than a positive Obama story on “Fox News!”


Suck it up, Sock-boy!
Suck it up, Sock-boy!


I’m not one to complain, so this is totally out of my character.

So I just plaster a smile on my puss and keep going.

Pushing forward.  Moving through the pain.  Enduring….


(All right, that’s a bit much.  Sounds like a commercial for the Marines!)



How do you handle the dog-days of MS?  How do you stay positive?  How often do you get an MRI and what does it mean to you?

It may be “much ado about nothing,” but it is everything to you & me!




6 Replies to “Much Ado About Nothing”

  1. The MRI usually bums me out.Bad days I usually try to read myself to a better place. When all else fails I remember when things were worse!

  2. I can surely relate to this post. I have had way too many MRI’s. 5 in 18 months. A couple of months ago they found a lesion across my spine, transverse myelitis due to MS. Nothing they can do for that either. Last week they wanted to do yet ANOTHER MRI. My big question to them…will it make a difference in treatment. Their answer…no…there is no treatment available. My answer…then no more scans. MRI’s mean squat to me now…useless information.
    I was dx with RRMS in 2009. As of yet it hasn’t remitted. I don’t have much faith in the doctors anymore. I get through it all one day at a time. I pace myself, eat healthy, take my supplements, exercise, enjoy what I can, laugh when I can, and cry when I need to. Staying positive is difficult, so I just prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and keep pluggin’ along. No one said life would be easy…but geeeeeeee, with MS sometimes it just sucks.

  3. And I thought I was the only one in that boat. No more needle addiction for me either…and now it’s a wait and see approach. Same as you, MRI b4 my next appointment, and then a new action plan if one exists. At this time, there isn’t one. Love your post on it. Much ado about nothing….or as I put it….SOSDD.

  4. Karen,

    Wow, that’s alot of time in the tube!
    Your approach to MS is the best prescription you’ll never hear from a doctor.
    Keep it up!

    Odd Sock

  5. I was diagnosed with MS in 1995. Started Copaxone injections in 2003 and continued the daily injections till summer 2009. During 1995 – 2009 probably had 2 MRI’s a year to monitor any MS progression. Was “keeping on keeping on”, then my life turned around over night. In February 2009 I went to work, grocery store, woke up the next morning, “paralysed”. Was in hospital for a week on steroids, and spent 4 months in 2 rehab facilities. Had one last MRI when I was admitted to the hosital after having this major exaserbation. My doctor no longer schedules MRI’s and after this major exaserbation 2 years ago, switched me to monthly Tysabri infusions.I was just at the neurologist last week. I have had no movement in my legs in 2 years. My doctor said I am on the best MS therapy, but I have never gotten back to how I was 2 years ago. My doctor has never been able to tell me why the Copaxone eventually failed me. Only God knows, and he’s not telling.

  6. My latest spate of MRIs suffered from “lazy radiologist syndrome.” No comparison to older MRIs was done, and the radiologist wrote “…4-6mm lesions in right lateral ventricle…” My neuro didn’t even know what that meant! Was it 4 lesions, or 4mm-6mm lesions? It’s like an Abbott and Costello routine. I’m trying not to care.