Junk Drawer

Junk Drawer


The junk drawer
The junk drawer


Everyone has a junk drawer.  A drawer where you stash stuff that doesn’t have a proper home.

The go-to drawer when you are looking for something that can’t be found anywhere else.

THAT’S the junk drawer.


My Odd Sock is no exception.  I have a “drawer’ of oddball, silly stuff that must be cleared away periodically.

Unfortunately for you, this is one of those days.

So sit back, grimace as though you are sitting on a thumb-tack and let’s clean out the My Odd Sock junk drawer.



What’s up first?….




OK, here we have an ad for a new product at Dunkin Donuts…Frozen Hot Chocolate.

Mmm, who doesn’t love hot chocolate!


Wait, this isn’t hot chocolate.  It’s frozen.


But I want hot chocolate.

It IS hot chocolate.

But it’s frozen.

Yes, Frozen Hot Chocolate.

Well, is it hot or is it frozen?

It’s both!  It is more frozen than it is hot.

So it is a “frozen chocolate drink?”

Yes, but “Frozen Hot Chocolate” sounds more appealing.  It’s “hot chocolate that gives you chills!”

Your logic gives me chills.



What’s next?….



You got time?
You got time?


This store has a sale on watches.

I have circled the big selling point of these timepieces….”Water resistant to 100m.”



Why do they think this is important?




Honestly, if you suddenly find yourself 300 feet underwater..I don’t think knowing the time will be your first priority!



What else we got?…



"Read all about it!"
"Read all about it!"

Here is a newspaper headline.

Either this guy has a really large bladder…

or this city should consider installing a “water-saver” toilet.  My “water-saver” uses about a gallon of water per flush—but 8 million gallons—that’s a bit wasteful!





One more item.  What do we have?…



Choose your prize.
Choose your prize.


Kellogg’s is running a promotion with Disney/Pixar for the new movie “Cars 2.”


Inside each box of cereal is a code.  You collect the codes and redeem them for these prizes.


Of the six available prizes, one doesn’t seem to fit the youthful target audience.  Can you find it while I sing….


“One of these prizes is not like the others.

One of these prizes  just doesn’t belong.

Can you tell which prize is not like the others.

By the time I finish my song.”


Find it?

Yes, what kid doesn’t want five dollars of “Gas Cash!”  (Guess they could get a pack of smokes!)


Thanks for helping me clear out my junk drawer.  Now this place is looking neat & tidy!


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