Brain Drain #13

Brain Drain #13



It’s time once again for “Brain Drain.”

Time to open the pressure valve of My Odd Sock’s melon-head and let loose with some oddball subject matter.

Buckle your seat belt and let’s open the floodgates like a Louisiana levee.  Off we go……




Proof of Purchase

Waistline’s aren’t the only things getter larger these days.  Have you noticed the length of paper receipts you get from the store?


Bigger is better, I guess
Bigger is better, I guess

Yes, store receipts!  As long as your arm!

Like this receipt from Lowe’s.  I only bought one item….and my receipt is 14 inches long!  Why?

It is too big for my wallet–too big to fit in the shopping bag.  And if I wad it up and shove it in my pants pocket, I end up looking like singer Tom Jones stuffing the front of my trousers!

A lot of stores put coupons or special offers on their receipts.  Also pictured here is the receipt from my latest gas purchase.  On this 10 inch long receipt, they feel the need to alert me to “Redeem this receipt for an all-beef cheese weiner for $.99 cents.”

Nah, I’m sorry but the Flying J Fuel Depot isn’t my first choice for fine cuisine.

Save the paper both of you!  Cripes, the Dead Sea Scrolls used less!

Let’s move onward…..




One Ringy Dingy

Wow, a pay phone!
Wow, a pay phone!


I noticed this pay phone the other day.  It caught my eye because you just don’t see them like you use to.

Nowadays, everyone has a cell phone, so pay phones are practically extinct!



Where did I find this pay phone you ask?….


Who'd a thunk it!
Who'd a thunk it!




…At the epicenter of peculiar oddities—the neighborhood Wal-Mart, of course!



That store has everything!





Looking up

Abilify to the rescue!
Abilify to the rescue!

Have you seen the TV commercial for the drug Abilify?

Abilify is a “add-on depression treatment.”  If your current depression med isn’t cutting the mustard, instead of switching to one of the other 50 available depression meds, you simply take Abilify to jumpstart your crappy, non-working depression medication. 


In other words, Abilify is the Five Hour Energy/Amp/Monster/Red Bull of looney pills!


I love the commercial’s long list of side effects.  If you aren’t depressed by now, you WILL BE after you hear the list!

They include…”increased risk of stroke…increased risk of coma or death in the elderly…high fever…rigid muscles (got’em already)…shaking…confusion (ditto)…sweating…increased heart rate and blood pressure…vomiting (woo)…constipation (double woo)…dizziness…lightheadedness or faintness…decrease in white blood cells…can impact you body’s ability to reduce body temperature…unexpected increases in thirst, urination or hunger (yikes!)…and uncontrollable movements of face, tongue or other body parts (what does THAT mean?) may become permanent.”

She seems happy on Abilify!
She seems happy on Abilify!



And that is just the short list!

I’d rather be depressed.  I’ll pass on Abilify.




Wow, that was a long Brain Drain.  But I feel better.

Let loose with something that has been pulling your nose hair in a comment.

You’ll feel much better for draining your brain, I promise!





5 Replies to “Brain Drain #13”

  1. I so agree with you about the list of side effects with drug commercials. I suppose they have to say it, but I’m not planning to try any med that might make me worse than I already am!

  2. There is one Doctor’s office that I have been going to for 8 years, and they alway’s reguire me to fill out forms when I arrive, even though none of the info has changed. I know the info is in the computer because they verify all this before they will speak to you over the phone. The doctor tells me they have all the info, but the front desk staff always hands me that clip board, and they must have made at least 35 copies of my Insurance Card and Drivers License over the years.

  3. I hate to sound serious but what upsets me is that the US and New Zealand are the only two industrialized countries that allow pharmaceutical TV commercials.

  4. Margaret,

    See, I told you you would feel better for draining your brain!
    That’s a good one!

    Thanks for sharing–now go fill out the forms please.

    Odd Sock

  5. Robert,

    That is an interesting fact.

    Though I would hate to ban drug commercials on TV and not be able to enjoy that uncomfortable feeling of sitting through a Viagra commercial when the kids are in the room!

    Thanks for sharing (and draining).

    Odd Sock