Rest In Peace

Rest In Peace


In Memoriam

My Odd Sock's beloved Pen
My Odd Sock’s beloved Pen


June 2009-April 2011


Pen departed this life peacefully Friday morning in the hand of My Odd Sock.

A tireless worker, pen was the devoted, creative transcriptionist who painstakingly recorded the bizarre thoughts dribbling from the brain case of My Odd Sock.


A grieving My Odd Sock
A grieving My Odd Sock



Pen was responsible for the creation of over 150 posts…along with hundreds of jokes–several of which were funny!





Discovered in the junk drawer under the microwave oven, Pen quickly became the author’s favorite!

Smooth operation.  Dependable, smudge-free writing.  And a fat, easy-to-grip end, perfect for MS-riddled fumble fingers.


Pen II
Pen II



Pen is survived by Pen II, a close understudy, who realizes it has big shoes to fill, yet, pledges to carry on Pen’s tradition of low-brow humor. 




Pen was flippantly buried (tossed) in the kitchen trash bin and was quickly forgotten.

There were no calling hours.

In lieu of flowers, My Odd Sock requests those in grief to send cash & checks in care of My Odd


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