Phone Book Fun

Phone Book Fun


Letting my fingers do the walking through the Yellow Pages of the phone book is a kick I’ve enjoyed for many years.  It’s a fun way to kill some time when you have a moment.

Maybe it’s my background in advertising that draws me to gander at the ads.  Or, maybe it’s my fascination with the bizarre.  (Because the Yellow Pages are FILLED with the bizarre!)



"T" for Tattoo
"T" for Tattoo


Take for instance the actual names of Tattoo Parlors in My Odd Sock’s corner of the world.


Let’s start at the top…….




Asylum Tattoos   The “crazy” genre seems to be quite popular among the tattoo industry.  Here, I picture padded walls & people in straight-jackets.


Avenging Tiger Tattoo   Probably a ninja theme here.  Maybe a fat Steven Seagal works here—I haven’t seem him in a while.


Bad Boy Tattoo & Body Piercing   The bad boy, rebel image is often associated with tattoos.  Can’t say I would want a body piercing done by someone who is pissed off!


Bitter Hearts Tattoo   This name has a positive ring to it!  I see a disgruntled tattoo artist sitting there, muttering to himself…”I shoulda studied harder in art school &%$#@!!”


Black Hearts Tattoo   OK, is this a good name or bad?


Fat Cats Tattoo   Obviously the “Lane Bryant” of the ink world?


Hooligan Ink Tattoo  Sounds like some one on work release from the neighborhood penitentiary.


Ink Addiction Tattoo   Hey kids, I want the tattoo on my skin–NOT injected into my veins!


Old School Tattooz   Tattoos done the old-fashion way!  Bite down on an old leather bit and suck up the pain.


Permanent Ink Tattoos   That’s redundant isn’t it?  Aren’t all tattoos permanent?  Maybe this is the tattoo place for stupid people…”Yerz are permnent–the tats in Cracker Jack always wash off!”


Sacred Ink Tattoo & Piercing   Guess the ink has been blessed by a priest!  They specialize in driving nails through your palms!


Sicricks Tattoos   Rick should see a doctor.  Don’t think I’ll be going there.


Skin & Bonez Tat2   I wonder if “Skin & Bonez” is anywhere near “Fat Cats” (from above)?


Spider’s Tattoo   Express tattoos cause the guy has eight arms!  Does anyone else believe you could find an eye patch here?


And finally,


IMG_0067Squirrelly’s Skin Art   Again with the “crazy” theme.

Sorry, but I’m just not comfortable with the whole “looney”, “nuts” idea.



Nice hardware!
Nice hardware!


But you can’t knock their success.

I mean, Squirelly’s IS a “World Award Winning Artist.”

Just check out those finely-crafted bowling trophies in the window!




Now please note, the firms listed above are fine, established, reputable businesses…I’m just using them as an example of the fun you can find in your local phone book.  Crack it open and let your fingers do the walking!





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