Door-Knockers & Phone-Ringers

Door-Knockers & Phone-Ringers


The aspect of having multiple sclerosis that frustrates me the most is my lack of speed in my mobility.

“Slow-bility” I like to call it.



I’ve come to terms with the facts……In case of fire?—I’m kindling!

And if I’m swimming in the ocean and a shark suddenly appears—-get yourself out of the water ‘cuz this Odd Sock is chum (shark bait)!





But my “slow-bility” is even more noticeable when someone rings the doorbell.


A couple of weeks ago, I was upstairs in my home.

I had just showered (a bi-monthly habit) and was gathering my clothes for the day. 

Yes, I was naked….and looking very much like Chewbacca at a nudist colony!

The doorbell rang and I debated answering.

It rang a 2nd time.

OK, I’ll get it…and moved with sloth-like quickness.

Third ring.

“I’m coming!” I screamed.

Knock-knock you moron
Knock-knock you moron



A knock on the door.

“Hold on, I’m coming”, I shouted repeatedly.

I shuffled to the top of the stairs to sit and pull on a pair of gym shorts.


The persistent door-knocker then began pounding on my front door.  This must be a very urgent visit I thought.

I’m shouting & yelling a mere dozen feet away, the person MUST hear my glacial advances.


Who's there?
Who's there?


I throw open the front door only to see tail lights racing out my driveway and down the street.

Oh well I figured—no one wants to be greeted by an Adidas-clad Yeti.




The same thing happens when answering the telephone.  I can’t get to the phone before the caller hangs up!

Geez, I have six phones throughout  the vast My Odd Sock HQ, but one is still out of reach when Ma Bell sounds!

Mr. Douglas


Cripes, Mr. Douglas of “Green Acres” fame could answer his phone faster than me.  (Remember?  He had to climb that pole!)


So there you have it.  Door-knockers and Phone-ringers.  The nemesis duo of this MSer.

Do you have similar beefs?

How do you handle such surprises?

Let’s hope you answer the door wearing more than just gym shorts!


3 Replies to “Door-Knockers & Phone-Ringers”

  1. Odd Sock, I so-o-o empathize with you! It’s a long walk (wobble, trip, slip) from my family room to the front door, and it usually means an extra trip to the post office or Fedex warehouse! Same with the phone — five rings before I can get there! So I usually take the handset with me — when I remember. Such fun we MSers have!!

  2. All my friends and family have keys to my house, and they also know to call me a second time to give me time to get to the phone. If they don’t call back, or can’t get in my house, I figure it is not important.

  3. Like Margaret, I don’t answer the door, anyone important has keys. I use my cell phone for all calls while hubbers is at work, and friends and family ring me on that phone, (I carry it in my pocket).