Audio Earwax

Audio Earwax


Sit back & listen
Sit back & listen


It’s time for more Audio Earwax!

Let’s learn about Secret’s newest brand of deodorant.

This piece was written by My Odd Sock and produced by Tony Gialluca Productions.


Just click on the mp3 link at the end of this sentence to listen to the new commercial for Secret Anti-Perspirant for CrossDressers



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I’m looking for something….Medieval!




Saw this sign.

Just how primitive do you think we’re talking here?

Suppose I could walk in and get a “stock” from the Middle Ages?

Maybe a Victorian swag?

Or, maybe go way back and tell them I’m decorating with a Paleolithic theme.

flintstonesSuppose I could pick up some fine, Flintstone chutney’s? 

Dinosaur can openers?  Pelican dishwashers?  Rock furniture?  Conk-Shell shaver?  (It never worked well as Fred always had a 5 O’ Clock shadow!)


*         *           *            *           *           *             *             *            *           *            *


Greatest Invention of My Odd Sock Time

Computer?  Maybe.

Saran Wrap?  Gotta love it.  It’s NASA inspired you know!

Naw, I believe it is…………………….

Flushable Wipes
Flushable Wipes



Yes, Flushable Wipes!

Little babies have known this for years, but they’ve kept it secret from us.


Flushable wipes are the bomb!  Think about it this way……you don’t wash your face with a dry washcloth!


4 Replies to “Audio Earwax”

  1. I’d like to thank you for the efforts you have made compiling this article. You have been enlightening for me. I have passed this on to one of my friends.

  2. Doug, this is the best post ever! I am so glad you still have that great sense of humor and ability express it with your words. Every story made me LOL! literally.