What a hoot van der Sloot!

What a hoot van der Sloot!

joranJoran van der Sloot is the young Dutch playboy who was twice-arrested, twice-released in the 2005 Aruba disappearance of Natalee Holloway.




And now, five years later in Peru, this goof-ball struck again by beating another young woman to death, supposedly because she looked at his laptop computer.

Imagine what he might do if you were his roommate and you ate his leftover pizza!


You, like most, are bored by the overworked, over-hyped, Nancy Grace-like publicity this guy has mustered.

Yet, here I sit fascinated by this dumb Dutchman.  Here’s why…



My Odd Sock vacationed in Aruba just a mere month before Natalee Holloway vanished.

holiday inn

In fact, I stayed in the very same hotel—the Holiday Inn of Aruba.  (Yes, I am a high-class traveler….”Kids, steal a couple little soaps from the maid’s cart as you walk past.”)



When the Holloway case first broke, I recognized many of of the background shots taken by reporters in and around the hotel.  Plus, one of the early suspects was a security guard from the hotel.  I recognized him on the news because he gave me the evil eye during my stay as I rolled thru the lobby in my wheelchair.


From day one I thought van der Sloot was guilty.

wooden shoes


I wanted to personally beat him with wooden shoes.

(Do the Dutch wear wooden shoes?)



Joran claimed to have buried Natalee Holloway’s body.  I never believed that either.  For one, Aruba is a volcanic desert.  You can only dig a few inches before hitting petrified, volcanic lava.  And two, the Slootmeister was 17 at the time—what teen carries a pick-axe capable of cracking lava rock?


Aruba is a small island off the coast of Venezuela.  It’s only about 17 miles long and 7 miles wide, so you can drive around the entire place in about an hour.

The Aruba Holiday Inn sits on the southern side (facing Venezuela) and has a beach with a waveless, smooth-as-glass waterfront.  But on the other side of Aruba (facing the Atlantic Ocean), the waves are vicious, forcefully hitting the rocky shoreline causing sprays of water to go 30 feet in the air.

In my opinion, Slooty never buried Holloway’s body—he dumped her into the ocean on Aruba’s wild side where she quickly became shark chum.


This is a cheery story—ain’t it!  And timely too!  My Odd Sock has become a “CSI” for morons!  Maybe next time, I’ll offer my thoughts on Amelia Earhart.  Holy crap, I can hardly wait!


So there you have it….a long post to simply say I am glad Wunder-Sloot has been put behind bars—finally.  Unfortunately, it took another young woman’s life to make it happen.

What will helmet-head-hair Nancy Grace yak about now?



4 Replies to “What a hoot van der Sloot!”

  1. Three fine imports from Holland that the US has yet to fully experience: Wind energy, water-retaining dikes, and Joran Van der Sloot.

    If Peru got a little creative and revisited its indigenous rituals of old, it could deliver poetic justice in Joran’s case. I can see the lead now…The suspected murderer of a girl on the once volcanic island of Aruba was found dead today at the bottom of a Peruvian volcano…Peru, where is your sense of whimsy?