How Now Brown Cow

How Now Brown Cow

IMG_2015I never really gave it much thought—vitamin D and MS?


I heard about a possible connection, but blew it off because my formative years were filled with plenty of sunshine and a belly full of dairy products every day.


How on Earth could I have developed multiple sclerosis?


But, about a year ago, a blood test revealed my levels of vitamin D were below average.  Very fitting I thought as “below average” was also a good description of my GPA, IQ and athletic ability.

Actually, my low vitamin D level was considered normal for folks living here in NE Ohio.  You see, many share a “D” deficiency as we have the fewest days of sunshine than anywhere in the U.S.  (Rumor has it that’s why the military built an arsenal here—so spy satellites couldn’t get a clear picture.)


So I now take a monthly vitamin D supplement as do many other MSers.

Although I have not been retested, I gotta believe my vitamin D levels have improved.


The Funny Meter
The Funny Meter





Yeah, yeah, I figured the Funny Meter would rear its ugly head.



Yo, Funny Meter, I’m talking about vitamins here—how funny can it get?

I never met a Nutritionist who plays the clubs in Vegas.  Give me a break will ya!



Sorry for the disruption.


Chocolate 1%
Chocolate 1%


What I think is interesting is how my body may have been telling me it needs more vitamin D all along.


Like a pregnant woman with crazy food cravings, your body is a pretty sharp tack as it lets you know when it needs something.


Maybe my body has been craving more sunlight as I love natural, outdoor light.  I can’t stand a dark room as I must open curtains & blinds to let in the sunshine.

Thinking back, I have had this attraction to natural light for years.  (Much like my attraction to that poster of Farrah Fawcett!)


Are you one with MS who like me loves to throw open the curtains?  (Just make sure you are wearing pants.)

Do you pay attention to your vitamin D levels?

And if you’ve made adjustments, did you notice any improvement in the management of your MS?

Curious as a cow.  Moo.


5 Replies to “How Now Brown Cow”

  1. Same here! Grew up in NW Ohio, outdoorsy, milk-sodden kid–then whammo, tested as D deficient this year. Daily, 1400-unit doses of D plus calcium hasn’t had any effect on my symptoms so far.

    I can’t get enough light inside the house and the darkness of winter makes me crazy.

    Somebody once posted a claim that taking megadoses of D for a year, upwards of 50,000 units a day, had sent his MS into complete remission.

    If only it were that simple…

  2. hiya,

    I take vit D. I didn’t think it was doing anything, so I stopped. My sx got worse, went back on, and guess what? My sx are less. I try to get out in the sunshine for at least 20 minutes a day as well as taking the supps. Natural sunlight is thought to be the best. I have heat sensitivity and an aversion to bright light though.

    I do anthing that seems reasonable to manage my MS…diet, vit D, exercise….

    I heard about sound therapy, some kind of high pitched frequency that is helping MS, so I think I may start screaming soon….

    1. Karen,

      Ah yes, you raise another good point—heat. We must avoid the heat. It’s a fine line to walk. I’ve tried sticking my head in the microwave, but the rotissere was rough on one side of my face.

      Good luck with the screaming. Keep plenty of lozenges on hand.

      Thanks for reading & replying!

  3. It is sort of ironic do you not think, as people living with MS we are suppose to avoid the sun for long periods of time, yet I like yourself am a fellow sun worshipper.

    I was actually told to avoid exposing to much flesh and thus the reasoning me and lab mice share a wierd side effect on the tops of my breasts! I am glad me and my furry friends have something in common?

    On a another interesting side note vitamin D also boosts your emotional sunshine ability. Yeah if that is a a real term, but ehh I do not think you were expecting an complete Einsten comment!

    So living in North East ohio and been farm fed could not prevent the inevitable I suppose!!

    thanks Jeanie

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