A Betrayal

A Betrayal


A true-life saga.

I don’t know how.  It just….happened.

For years everything was fine.  We got to know each other quite well.  We connected.

It was safe.  And satisfying.

Until recently.  When things began to change.

I became bored.  Disinterested with the same routine.  Same choices.  Same…everything.

Deep within I craved more.  A burning passion for something new.  Exciting.

That’s when I strayed.  I could not resist.  I turned away from my comfortably-old, local library.  And found myself drawn to the splashy, new one in a neighboring community.

Entering its double doors, I made an audible gasp.  Lost in a scene of overwhelming heat.

The sights.  The hushed sounds.  The new titles.  Fiction.  Non-Fiction.  To hell with the Reference section.

I didn’t even hear a fresh-faced librarian’s “Good morning!” welcome.

I knew I was being unfaithful but could do nothing to quiet the needs that smoldered within.

Slowly I moved.  Up and down.  Every aisle.  Exploring.  Touching.  Discovering.

My giant head.  Tilted at an uncomfortable angle to better read the spine of each volume.

I became selfish during this new encounter.

My wants exceded my needs.  My desire greater than my stamina.

My lurid library card.

Finally, spent.

I selected a book.

My hands trembled while the librarian scanned my card.

“Due back in three weeks,” she said.

Oh, I’ll be back before then, I thought.  My longing much too strong to resist.

Suddenly I felt stabbing guilt.  Thrill replaced with pain.  

I had cheated on a long-time partner.

Could I ever be forgiven?  Could trust be regained? 

My mind swirled deep in thought before realizing never shall I confess my infidelity to the local library.  At no time would they ever understand this reader’s confused emotions.

It is best to keep such dark secrets tucked inside.  Spoil no feelings even though lust remains.

I accept responsibility for my flingy indiscretion.  My literary affair.  In other words, a betrayal.

The End.

6 Replies to “A Betrayal”

  1. I too have strayed. I worked for one library system and found myself checking out the shelves of another. 😫😉

    1. Tina,
      Ahhh, a roaming eye. It is good to clear your soul with an admission of guilt. You will be a stronger person by confessing your lustful virtue.

    1. My dearest Margaret at a loss for words? First time in 13 years!
      Things will get better, I promise.

  2. Libraries are the best!!! So much so, that I think if the truth is ever revealed, your old library might just forgive you for dabbling with a younger, fresher model. Or maybe not. Those dusty old shelves don’t dust themself ya know. But, what’s with the spooky hand on your library card? What new library did you go to- Stephen King’s? Seriously though, thank you for spotlighting local libraries. I have no idea what they aren’t packed as they offer and do so much!!

    1. Yvonne,
      Agreed, I too love libraries. So much in each one. Though I think I’m cheating the author by reading their work without buying the book!
      You made me laugh about my library card. Thanks for your insight!