Spicy Fun

Spicy Fun


No taste here.

When faced with writer’s block and looking for a crumb of inspiration–where does one go?

The spice rack, or course!

Spices have been a catylist of humor since the very beginning.



Why, itching powder has ALWAYS been a top-seller in ads at the back of comic books.  That is, after bald head wigs & onion gum.

A classic!


And who could forget Abbott & Costello’s hilariously famous skit “Who Wants Pepper?”


With that I headed to the kitchen to doctor up this otherwise lame post with a dash of spices. 

Bon appetit!…

Not all sweet.
She knows what she wants.
That’s a low blow.
It needs something.
Have my jacket.
Sing along!
Change your shampoo!

and lastly,


Now we’re cooking!