The 11th month.

We’re into November and it is already downright boring.

I think the month of November is the lull between October’s beauty & fun of halloween…to Decenber’s bustling Christmas season.

November is the straight rail of a roller coaster between two hills.


Oh sure, the month has it’s holidays; Veteran’s Day & Thanksgiving–for one, I am grateful while the other I’m a disgusting pig.

To make up for lackluster holidays, November has its share of monthly themes (also quite hum-drum).

Like did you know November is “National Fun with Fondue Month?”

Me neither.

Dessert heaven.


Last time I had fun with fondue…who knew dipping roast beef under the chocolate fountain would get me kicked out of Golden Corral?



November is “National Peanut Butter Lover’s Month.”  Those who celebrate would have told you already if they could talk right now.

It’s an odd coincidence that November is “National Impotency Month” as well as “National Adoption Month.”  Meaning if you experience one, it is the perfect opportunity to explore the other.

November is “Banana Pudding Lovers Month” for those without teeth.

This month is also big on disease being “Diabetic Eye Disease Month,” “National COPD Month” and “National Alzheimer’s Disease Month.”  Plus, “Epilepsy Awareness Month,” “Lung Cancer Awareness Month,” Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month,” “Marrow Awareness Month,” “Stomach Cancer Awareness Month,” “National AIDS Awareness Month,” even “Pet Cancer Awareness Month.”

Drink up thirsty readers!



I haven’t been this “aware” since downing a Mountain Dew Big Gulp from 7-11.



This month is “Historic Bridge Awareness Month.”  I’ll remember that when leaping off the side of one before I finish this bit!

November is “Aviation History Month.”  Feel free to use the air-sic bag.

Dieters will enjoy this being “National Vegan Month,” “National Pomegranate Month,” “Spinach & Squash Month,” “National Raisin Bread Month” and “Sweet Potato Awareness Month.”

As this post drags on & on explains why November is “National Novel Writing Month.”

November brings us “National Career Development Month” and “National Scholarship Month.”  And it is pretty obvious I have absolutely NO experience with either.

Finally as I end this blog, we can all be thankful this is “National Gratitude Month.”

Enjoy your November.



6 Replies to “No-No-November”

  1. You forgot “No Shave November”. For those with hands affected by MS induced spasticity it couldn’t come soon enough. Shakey razor September and Ouchy October were hard months.

    1. Ben,
      Yeah, I left it out on purpose–not a fan. That, and my facial hair makes me look like an old prospector. I’m lucky in that my hands are still pretty steady. Glad you made it through your funny months of Sept & Oct.
      Thanks for checking in & responding. Always a pleasure!

    1. Margaret,
      Well, happy early birthday. You just barely got it under the wire being Nov. 30th.
      Tell me you still aren’t claiming to be 39?
      My best to you!

    1. Mal! Thanks for your kind words. Means alot! Even more coming from ‘down unda.’
      Watch that Aussie summer heat & take care of yourself–love your positive outlook!