Wild West

Wild West


Gotta love childhood memories!

Looking through old photographs allow you to remininsce of good times with family and friends.

Pictures stir emotions of the past.  Capturing happy events, people & places of years gone by.

Well, sometimes.

Just the other day I found a photo from a family vacation during my childhood.

I was about eight years old, I figure, when we attended a western-type show at Maggie Valley, North Carolina.

In the picture I was all smiles.  And raising an anxious hand, I was chosen to be an audience volunteer!

Eager at the beginning but by the time the show ended–I would be left with memories of a nightmare I would never forget.

Bowled me over, I tell ya!



It all began unexpectedly when a huge dusty tumbleweed knocked me to the ground.

Sure, in the picture it looks like a big, green dish scrungy, but I swear it was a tumbleweed, dammit.  I’m sure of it.



That hurts.



Shaken, I decided to climb the nearest tree.

But it wasn’t a tree at all–it was a cactus.

How was I to know?  I was eight…and from Ohio!  We don’t have cactus in Ohio…just tornados!

Covered in pricks & spiny needles, I moved on.



Scared of horses to this day.



What’s a western town without horses, right?

Well, the cowboys failed to tell me these horses liked to stampede.

I learned the hard way.

Guess I’ll never be a stable jockey.



I’m losing blood here!



“Bull riding!” my bow-legged friends shouted next.

“BULLsh**!” I said in response.

And before I even had a saddle sore they put me on the back of a bull named “Widowmaker.”



We’re rich!



I barely had time to catch my breath…or get stitches when another shady roustabout had me help him rob the town bank.




If you can’t do the time-don’t do the crime.




Busted by the local sheriff, I was thrown in jail where I got “three hots & a cot.”

I also learned in the slammer not to drop the soap.



Can someone call 911?




My day ended when the sun set and I found myself caught between two gunslingers in a shootout.

It was not fun.





The wild west show at Maggie Valley may have been a popular attraction for most visitors, but for me it was a tramatic experience of my worst fears coming true.

Vivid memories of long ago brought to mind by an old, faded photograph of way back when…

Nice socks!

BTW-Who stands like that?  Pretty obvious these roughneck cowboys had no interest in playing “I’m a Little Teapot.”








2 Replies to “Wild West”

  1. There is a picture I want to look for from my youth. It was a family trip in 1964 to the World’s Fair in New York. That would have made me 11 years old. Bell telephone had an exhibit introducing what we would call today video chatting or “FaceTime”. I know we have a picture of my sister and I being separated by a panel “video chatting’ on what looked like today’s “Facebook Portal”. As children we could not imagine this would actually become a reality.

    No tumbleweed, cactus, horses, mechanical bulls, or gunslingers, were encountered during this family vacation.

    1. Margaret,
      That’s a cool memory! Your video chat was far less painful than my bloodied experience.
      Thanks for sharing!