Not So Ninja

Not So Ninja


Getting ready.

My home has been overrun with ninjas.

Not the mercenary type… appliances!


Ninja has become the new nameplate of kitchen gadgetry and more.

Maker of the popular air fryer (we have), coffee makers, food processors, blenders (we have), toaster ovens, cookers, just about anything you can think of—Ninja makes it.

Well, sort of.

Here are some ideas for potential, new products to carry the Ninja name…..

Ninja Loofah

Ninja TV Flicker

Ninja Ouija

Ninja CPAP machine

Ninja Support Hose

Ninja Hammock

Ninja Charcuterie Board

Ninja Toilet Plunger

Ninja Letter Opener

Ninja Car Mats

Ninja Shoe Horn

Ninja Toothbrush

Ninja Waste Basket

Ninja Jeans

Ninja Lawn Chair

Surgeon’s Scalpel by Ninja

Ninja Tote

Ninja Etch-A-Sketch

Ninja Sex Toy

and finally,

Ninja Pooper Scooper

It’s just a matter of time before you see these items on the shelves at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Okay, maybe not.  In the meantime, keep warm & keep moving.


2 Replies to “Not So Ninja”

    1. Margaret,
      You made me laugh, you filthy animal!
      Thanks for the clever quip. You might try a cold shower.