Rejected Instant Lottery Names

Rejected Instant Lottery Names


This should be interesting…

Instant lottery games, or ‘scratch-offs,’ are always brightly-colored tickets with cute, catchy names.

You’ve seen them…’Double Doubler’, ‘Treasure Hunt’, ‘Holiday Cash’, ‘Cash Blowout’, ‘Money Explosion’ and the list goes on and on.

Well I’m here to say not all instant ticket games are so cute & catchy.

In fact, here’s a list of some not-so popular names that have been rejected…..


Broke Buck Mountain

Scratcher & Smokes

This Or The Gas Bill

Unlucky Loot

Where’s My Teeth

Empty Pockets

Dig deep.

Tapping Kid’s College Fund

Money Clip Jip

Three Time Loser

Trailer Park Payout

Save Your Cash

No Mo Money

Who Needs Groceries?

Difficult choice for some.

Throwing Money Away

A Dope’s Hope

Bills Can Wait

Scratch This!

Cash Strapped

Enterprising soul.

Disappearing Dollars

Better Call G.A. (Gambler’s Anonymous)

Your Luck Sucks

$elf De$pair


And finally,

Damn Scratcher Crumbs


If you can think of any rejected names to add to the list, please pass them along in a comment.

Till next time, good luck and keep scratching!



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