Jerks of Art

Jerks of Art


It was last month, roughly the middle of March, as I found myself quietly admiring the piece on the wall.

I gasped, like stepping on a Lego, when I noticed the faintly written date at the far bottom.

Long time ago!






Fifty years ago!  Half a century had passed!

Where had time gone since this work was completed?



Quite the perspective.

My gaze shifted upwards to reexamine the picture.

Blue clouds?

Ultra-skinny house?

Postal worker with an abnormally-large shoulder growth?

What was the inspiration?

The figure had a devilish grin.  A hat perilously-balanced on his head defied all laws of physics.



Maybe the accompanying story would explain the crude, crayoned etching.



My God, who would put their name to this?

Hmm, poor spelling.

Weak sentence structure.  And awful use of capitalization.

It is pretty obvious the composer only has the talent to someday write a lousy, mediocre blog.




Wall-worthy?  Really?

It has been fifty years since I penned this in 1st grade.

Five decades since putting crayon & pencil to paper.

So long yet the years pass so fast.

My writing, spelling & punctuation have improved slightly…though my art skills virtually remain the same!

Leaves me something to work on in the next fifty, I suppose.


Whatever you do may there be improvement in your future.









2 Replies to “Jerks of Art”

  1. Reading this reminded me of a time many years ago when I ran into a friend in the grocery store. I was telling her that I was going through some items from first and second grade. She told me she too saves her children’s projects. I corrected her by saying I was going through “MY ” items from first and second grade. I guess none of mine were frame – worthy.

    Can I have your right Twix? 🙂

    1. Margaret,
      My wife had it framed as a present many years ago. Most of my school work never even made it to the refrigerator! Thank you for your comment!

      Yes, you may have the right.