The Fine Print

The Fine Print


Better grab the cheaters.

You ever read the fine print?

Ever read the legalese mumbo-jumbo terms of agreement or do you just click ‘accept’ like I do?

Of course you don’t read the fine print.  Heck, you can barely see it, right?

Well don’t despair, you are not alone.  I am right there with you.


Recently I found a medication guide that came with a self-injectable MS medicine.  This one was for Rebif which I used to take many years ago.

I opened it.  And opened it.  And opened it.  And opened it.

It had more folds than a piece of Japanese origami.

Informative AND functional.

Parachutes aren’t packed this tightly!

Completely unfolded the guide measured 22 by 17 inches.

Big enough to make this decorative table cloth!


And the guide was jam-packed with information.

I decided to dig in and read the fine print to report the good stuff.

Here are some of my findings…..


Yeah, I got that.
About right.
True dat!
Don’t forget your floaties.
Leave me alone.
Need the salsa!
That’s good news.
I miss everything!
Sour puss!
Ain’t that the truth.
Sweet Aunt Polly.
I bathe in it.
I’m no fashion expert but..
Says the man standing on a chair.

Next time I’ll be sure to read the fine print.  Eh, maybe not.

Keep moving!






2 Replies to “The Fine Print”

  1. Pharmaceutical companies can reduce the medication guide to 7 words , ” if you die it’s not our fault”.

    1. Margaret,
      That pretty much sums it up. Thank you for sharing your comment!