Writings On The Wall

Writings On The Wall


Grab a pen!

The MRI is such a familiar, routine procedure when you have multiple sclerosis.

Inside the tube is so generic.  Staring at those empty walls, I think they could use some graffiti.  But what would it be?

Here are some of my ideas of writings on the wall…


So sweet.
A poet but he doesn’t know it.
My ears still burn.
Minus the tray table.
Thanks, doc
SO MANY thoughts
True dat.
From what I’ve heard.
Though I like it.
No fighting, please.
You take coupons?
High heat cycle.
Long as well.
It could be worse.  
















































































































































What would you write inside an MRI?  Share yours with a comment!

Thanks for the vine.  Keep fighting!

The end.


2 Replies to “Writings On The Wall”

  1. First-time users beware. You may think that you are finished when they pull you out. But what you don’t know is, they stick an IV in your arm with dye for contrast, and you get to do the whole thing all over again. I hope you remembered to wear your Depends. You’re welcome.