A Cereal Serial

A Cereal Serial

Good Morning!
Good Morning!

Chow down on this My Odd Sock from ten years ago!


It’s six in the evening and I’m already thinking about………breakfast.

 Aren’t you? 


I’m thinking about breakfast cereal in particular—I LOVE cereal!

The cereal aisle is my favorite place in the grocery store.  So many choices.  So many special offers.  So many characters I’ve grown to admire…Cap’N Crunch, Sugar Bear, Toucan Sam, the Trix Rabbit…..”Trix are for kids!”

That’s too bad cause I love Trix.  As a 46 year old adult, if I eat Trix will I be arrested by the cereal police?……”OK, just put it down.  Put-the-spoon-down.  And leave the prize at the bottom of the box!”


Magically delicious!

I like Lucky Charms too.  Not sure what’s so lucky about them.  I figure they’re so full of sugar, if you can eat a bowl without getting tooth decay—you’re lucky!

I play this game with my Lucky Charms.  The oatie bits are the bad guys and the sugary charms are the good guys.  I try to eat all the oatie bits first to eliminate all the “bad guys.”  That leaves me with a half bowl of sweet charms to devour all at once.  Yeah, my blood sugar must hit quadruple digits!  It’s like free-baseing with sucrose! 

Cereal segregation.

  Regular Rice Krispies are rather tasteless.

They make alot of noise, but give you little bang for your buck.  Kinda like our politicians. 


Integrated cereal!

 So I mix original Rice Krispies with Cocoa Krispies.

It gives me a perfect bowl of racial equality!  A harmonious blend of brown and white living together with a common goal of satisfying my hunger.  We all get along snapping & popping while bathing in two-percent. 


Flakes are good.  Wheaties, Frosted Flakes, Raisin Bran.  But I have one quirk chowing on flakes—I let’em get good and soggy.  (Don’t let that get around, oh what the hell, My Odd Sock has already trashed what credibility I ever had!) 


Cocoa Puffs?...........

   Cocoa Puffs…or a bowl of paintballs. 

Can you spot the difference?             

.......Or, paintballs?





New Cocoa Puff shape?

  Cocoa Puffs have a new shape. 

They almost look like a anatomically-correct Teddy Graham!



A lot of cereals are named after snacks….Cookie Crisp, Rice Krispie Treats, Ice Cream Cones, Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  What happened to the cereal?  They’ve skipped the main course and gone straight to dessert! 

So goes my infatuation with breakfast.  I’ve just never found the same love connection with lunch or dinner.

Then again, I’m a morning person anyway.


8 Replies to “A Cereal Serial”

  1. Hee hee. I always loved Trix as kid, ate it right through adulthood til the colours became neon. I always played the game where the yellow and orange trix were the bad guys. I would scoop them up first using great sound efects, then I would eat the red ones last…sorta like Smarties!

  2. I seriously do not believe I would ever be able to keep up with maintaining a place like this! Awesome job and I really hope you maintain the quality.

  3. You must love cereal as much as my husband. When we redid our kitchen about 15 years ago we had to design it with a dedicated cereal shelf – wide & double deep, next to the cupboard with the bowls & directly across from the refridgerator for quick & easy access.

    Why wait until morning for cereal? He eats it as an evening snack, too.

  4. Back when I could safely navigate a spoon, I would love to eat a bowl of cereal for dinner. I remember it was a big deal when Cheerios came out with their ” Honey Nut Cheerios”. Out of curiosity, I went to the website for Cheerios and found out they have SEVENTEEN (17) Cheerio products. I guess it’s that time of year when we need to go pick up a box of “Pumpkin Spice Cheerios”. Yep, that is a real flavour.

    1. Margaret,
      I was never much of a Cheerio’s fan. Now that they offer all those different flavors, they are tolerable. But I’ll pass on the pumpkin spice. Thank you for your comment!

      1. The only Cheerios I have ever tried was the Original and Honey Nut. It was one of my go-to cereals. FYI I don’t like anything pumpkin spiced.

  5. I don’t eat breakfast but do love cereal. My favorite is Honey nut Cheerios and frosted flakes. Had Honey nut Cheerios for supper last night, yum! Coffee for breakfast is all I do. Keep on eating cereal, Doug, it’s the little things ❤️

    1. Joanne,
      Thanks for your comment. Making cereal a “good part of this nutritious supper.” That’s the ticket!