A or B

A or B


Quiz time!

So smarty pants, you think you know everything about MS, huh?

Well we will just see about that as My Odd Sock presents “A or B,” a first-of-its-kind multiple choice examination.

“A or B” compares images of both modern science to multiple sclerosis in a brain-busting, free-for-all challenge.

Grab your cheaters…and a pencil.  Let us begin…..


Question #1

One picture represents MS while the other, a microbiome.

Which is which?  A or B.


Question #2

Pictured are examples of a nuclear reaction and multiple sclerosis.

Which is which?  A or B.


Question #3

Here are pictures of MS and blue azaleas.

Which is which?  A or B.


Question #4

Below are images of astrophysics and MS.

Which is which?  A or B.


Question #5

Does the diagram to the left represent…

A-  Scientific notation.

B-  Your decreasing checkbook balance.



Question #6

This image is an example of:

A-  Neurotransmitters.

B-  Cobwebs in corner of your shed.



Question #7

Below are images of multiple sclerosis and spontaneous fission.

Which is which?  A or B.



Question #8


Does the picture to the left represent:

A-  Isobaric process

B-  Yoga poses



Question #9

Pictured here is:

A-  Orion Nebula

B-  Bruise on your hip



Question #10

Finally (thank God), is the image to the left an example of:

A-  Second Law of Thermodynamics where it is a natural tendency of any isolated system to degenerate into a more disordered state.

B-  A clumsy MSer.

C-  Both.



Answers (You’ve GOT to be kidding, right?)

  1.  A-microbiome  B-MS
  2.  A-MS  B-nuclear reaction
  3.  A-MS  B-blue azaleas
  4.  A-astrophysics  B-MS
  5.  A-scientific notation
  6.  A- neurotransmitters
  7.  A-MS  B-spontaneous fission…or when I see Jennifer Garner on tv.
  8.  A-isobaric process
  9.  A-Orion Nebula
  10.  C-both




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