MS Fortune Cookies

MS Fortune Cookies


Eat’em up!

The fortune cookie is the most anticipated part of a Chinese meal.

The cookie-part sucks, honestly.  It’s the paper fortune inside that we seek most.  The message usually leaves us scratching our head for meaning, but often is worth sharing with our table mates.

Some folks even keep their fortune, tucking them away in their wallet or pocketbook, never to be seen again.


It’s a shame they don’t make fortune cookies for those of us with multiple sclerosis…or do they?

Here are some My Odd Sock examples of what those fortunes might say…..


It is really.




Thank you.







Ah, that’s better.



Belly up.



The longer the better.



Try it. It works!




No need to reach.



Saves on laundry soap.



I would know.



Just saying..



Or lower your mortgage rate.



Sounds like a plan!









Where’s my Tide-To-Go?



I suppose.



Right on.



Last but not least..
























Okay, now that General Tso is turning over in sweet sauce, I’ll leave it at that.

Be sure to share your own MS fortunes in a comment.

Thanks for reading!  You’ll be hungry for more in an hour or so.

Good fortunes to you!










4 Replies to “MS Fortune Cookies”

  1. You will find a handicap parking space. Be at the mall at 2 a.m.

    Multiple Sclerosis is a life sentence

    Always buy shoes with no laces