Kids Will Be Kids

Kids Will Be Kids


An opinion piece.


A story was told of kids being kids.

This one about when differences arose on the playground.

“It’s MY turn.  You already had one.”

“Na uh, you’re cheating!”

“Am not!”


Most disputes are  settled quickly and play resumes because there is only so much time till recess ends.

On this day however the squabble continued.

Sides were taken.  Lines were drawn.

And neither would dare cross.

Fingers were pointed.  Voices raised.  Shouting ensued.  Bickering.  Name-calling.  Each one blamed the other.

The bell rang and children returned to class without settling their argument.  

The stalemate continued the next day.  The next day.  And the day after that.

Absolutely no end in sight as neither budged an inch.

Because of the ongoing problem the principal suspended recess for the whole school.  Therefore hundreds of kids were denied playground time because of the stubbornness of a few.

Truth be told this never happened between children.  Kids aren’t that petty.

But adults are.

Every one of ’em.

And this is the story being told by all the news outlets detailing a government shutdown affecting hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

C’mon stop the damn bickering.  Act like adults.  And get something done.

Recess is long over.

2 Replies to “Kids Will Be Kids”

  1. I totally agree! If federal workers are not being paid, the persons who ordered the shutdown, should not get paid!

    1. Margaret,
      Thank you! Figured I wasn’t the only one fed up with this situation. We, as a country, are better than that. Always appreciate your two cents!