Brain Drain #25

Brain Drain #25


Another one.


Time for a Brain Drain.

“Brain Drain,” for those new to My Odd Sock, is a long-running post of my latest rants & observations.  

(This is #25, so there are 24 previous versions if you care to dig into the archives.  But seriously, who has the time or the stomach?)


First up…..


Shoe Biz

Do you find it disturbing how the ads appearing on your computer tend to mirror your interests & lifestyle?

How after shopping online, the products you just looked at suddenly show up in ads?

Yeah, me too.

Which is why it disturbs me even more when a product like this appears in my feed…..

Think I’ll order two pair!


What have I been looking at?  Bullfighters?

Do they think I play in a mariachi band?

Those are the ugliest shoes ever.

The designer obviously flunked out of cobbler school!

They wore shoes like this in ancient Rome.  No wonder the empire ended—shoe shame!

There is a reason they are 49% off–no one wants them.


Ug, let’s move on…..


Laser Spine Institute

Have you seen the TV commercials for the Laser Spine Institute?

The dog wishes he guy couldn’t run!

The ad says they change people’s lives with a tiny, less-than-one-inch incision.

I’m not doubting their work at all.  More power to them when it comes to pain relief.

But I’m impressed they cover it up with a simple band-aid.


A band-aid for spinal surgery!  I use more bandages than that when I have a hangnail!

Dang, it hurts!







Randall has back pain.


The ad features Randall, an actual patient, who has has the surgery and is soon ready to get back to work.


It shows Randall heading out the door.  

He’s got a laptop satchel slung over one shoulder.  Folders crammed under his other arm.  Holding his phone in one hand and a cup of java in the other.

I’m thinking, damn Randall, your back wouldn’t hurt if you didn’t lug around so much shit!


One last drain…..


Bedtime Story



All the latest “smart home” buzz is touting how your Alexa, Amazon Echo & Google Home can read to your child.

Are you BLEEP-BLEEP-BLEEPIDY-BLEEP-BLEEP kidding me?  (And that’s my PG version.)

Companies are promoting these friggin gadgets to read your children?  What-A-Shame.

This ad for Alexa says the stories are “Expertly narrated.”

I don’t care if the stories are told by Morgan Freeman.

You know what is “expertly narrated?”  It’s a damn bedtime story voiced by a parent!

Reading to your child is one of the greatest joys of being a parent.  God, I miss those tender moments.

Eh, stick it!


If someone relies on a Amazon Echo at bedtime, they really shouldn’t be a parent.  Get a pet instead.  Scratch that, you’re not responsible enough to be a pet owner either.

What a terrible way to promote a product.  Technology is good but this crosses the line.  I have no use for these gadgets.



Wow, okay, that was a somber Brain Drain.  Maybe I should consider changing my meds like the doctor wants!  Lighten me up a bit!

Pull the plug and who knows what will come out.  But I feel better for it.

You will too by draining your brain of something bugging you in a comment.  C’mon, give it a try!

Till next time, keep moving!


4 Replies to “Brain Drain #25”

  1. I feel like big brother is watching me! when I see those ads. I agree with the parenting, dont have kids if you need a gadget to read to them. And my brain is too drained to think about draining it lol
    ps Listen to your dr!

  2. Great rant, Doug! Totally agree with everything, especially with Alexa reading bedtime stories. Indeed, nobody is that freaking busy that you can’t pause for 20 minutes to read a bedtime story to your kid.

    1. Dan,
      Thank you for agreeing with terms & conditions of the “Grumpy Old Man Club.” I would write more but I must chase some kids outta my yard.