Know Your Abrasion

Know Your Abrasion

Because I have run out of time, let’s roll with a My Odd Sock from the archives.  I hope you enjoy…and can relate (safely)! 



test your knowledge

Let’s play an MSer’s favorite game of cuts, scrapes and bruises.  It’s time for….







bruiseHmm, a bruise on your arm.

Did you…

A)  Catch your arm on a closet door.

B) Run into the fence post.

C) I have MS, I don’t remember.




IMG_0321Ouch, that scrape on your knuckles seems painful.

Did you…

A) Reach into the tool box.

B) Touch the sharp edge under the sink.

C) I have MS, I’m not sure.




scratchWhat did you do to your leg?

Did you…

A) Scrape it on the concrete steps.

B) Scratch it on the edge of the deck.

C) I have MS, what scratch?




My point is, living with multiple sclerosis, I (and you) tend to acquire many unexplained nicks, marks, cuts, bumps & bangs.

Often we can’t explain how we got them!

Having no feeling from the armpits down, My Odd Sock seems to collect skin abrasions like a Salvation Army kettle collects pocket change!

I find marks on my body and have no idea where they came from.  Family & friends find that truly amazing.  Heck, I don’t even feel the blood running down my leg!

Sometimes I’ll be doing something and realize “that may leave a mark.”  And you betcha, later, I’ll be drying off after a shower and find blood on my towel.

Are we superhuman?

Do we have high pain tolerance?

Nah, we just have MS!

Are you one with multiple sclerosis who finds unexplained “ouchies?”

Tell me your side—and don’t get any blood on the keyboard!



scrapesWhat happened to your arm?

Did you…

A) Scrape it trimming the roses.

B) Fall in the laundry room.

C) I have MS…it matches my knee.




IMG_0325Black & blue seems to be your color.

Did you…

A) Bump into the car door.

B) Hit the corner of the cabinet.

C) I have MS, sh#t happens.



Answer Guide:   “C” is the correct response to all five questions!

Congratulations, either you have MS or know someone who does!  Thank you for playing.  Be safe.  And we’ll see you next time on “Know Your Abrasion!”





13 Replies to “Know Your Abrasion”

  1. I’ll take leg abrasions for $50……….I have unexplained bruises from my kneecaps to my ankles and a few missing toenails. I am in a power chair and drive drunk when I’m tired. Thinking I can clear a doorway or under a table, brake too slow, and CRASH!!!. I wiped off the blood before I hit enter. 🙂

  2. That was a super cute post. I usually fall and hurt something, but don’t ted to bruise.
    No feeling armpits down? That’s gotta be challenging. I wish I could apply that to my bruised ego!

  3. Coming out of the bathroom with band-aids on my toes, my wife will say, “cut your toenails again….. doesn,t that hurt?”. No not really, but they’re good and short, I won’t have to do them again for a while. Most of the time I don’t even know I cut them that short until I see the blood.

  4. Ain’t it the truth! Do you think we should have to give blood this way? In 3 weeks I will be at Majestic Shores Resort (Here in MN that’s what we call ms camp). It will be a ball but I know I will come home with a full group of nicks, scrapes and bruises.

  5. What a motley collection of bloodied, wounded MSers!

    Have you no dignity? (I would have said “feeling” but we all know we don’t have any feeling!)

    Thank you for your comments. You kids have made me chuckle!

  6. C C C C C C…oh…yeah, C is my answer on them all.

    SOSDD, only slightly different, but I can’t remember what made it different. Thanks for another great post Sock.

  7. I don’t know how many times someone looks down at my legs or arms and says “what happened?” I look down in surprise and say those famous MS words “I don’t know, I didn’t feel a thing”

  8. C? Answer to what question? lol Thanks for reposting this…it fits very well at the moment…but I won’t remember this tomorrow…heck I don’t remember the first time I commented on this subject. doh

  9. My odd sock, you are a bag of tricks once again! I think I can feel things but I’m really clumsy! My feet need wings they don’t want to lift up….thank you for making me feel less weird about my bumps and bruises! Olivia

  10. This cracked me up. I’m right there right now, looking at bruises and trying to remember what how why… (yes, ms is the right answer)…
    Your blog is great. I found it looking for MS/botox and that post image was great too with the red gumby figure getting an injection was awesome…