‘Twas The Night Before Elections

‘Twas The Night Before Elections

A quick post on election eve……


“Twas The Night Before Elections”

Poorly written by My Odd Sock


‘Twas the night before elections and all through the polls,

not a candidate was stirring, not even a troll.


Hillary’s pantsuit was hung by the chimney with care,

in hopes that victory soon would be there.


Donald was nestled all snug in his bed,

visions of Ivanka pole-danced in his head.


The voters were weary, in need of a nap…

the process too long, we need a stiff night-cap.


In the news there arose such a clatter,

you were forced to watch what was the matter.


He groped this, she emailed that,

the accusations flew tit for tat.


And the names were too many…Bill, Ben, Carley and Ted Cruz,

Jeb, John, Marco–hand me the booze.


Bernie, Chris Christie, Rahn Paul were all fine,

still wondering who the hell Gary Johnson & Jill Stein?


Finally, it’s done, your vote soon will be cast.

The election is over, this will all be past.


I hear you scream as you drive out of sight…

“Only four more years till another messy fight!”





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