Christmas Quickies

Christmas Quickies


A fast laugh!
A fast laugh!

During the holiday season, everyone is busy.

No time to read a bla-bla-blog post.

So let me present “My Odd Sock’s Christmas Quickies.”


Here are four fast holiday gags to get you in & out of here in a hurry.

(Besides, who doesn’t like a quickie.)


Looky what HE can do...
Looky what HE can do…




First up.

I’ve watched Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer all my life and never noticed (till my son pointed it out) that Yukon Cornelius is packing heat!



And I thought he was only careless with his pick-ax!



Not good
Not good





Here is a terrible gift idea for a female.


Really, Nike?






Moving along…


It’s Christmas time, so why not celebrate the holidays with sugar-induced hyperglycemia!

(Sing along)…”All I want for Christmas is tooth de-cay!”

No wonder Santa covers the entire world in one night—he’s all hopped up on Christmas Crunch!



For those planning to build a GIANT nativity scene this year, you may need these…..


Imagine the poop!
Imagine the poop!


Yup, I’ve no clue on the difference between a donkey…and a “Mammoth donkey.”


By super-sizing everything, you’ll have to hire Shaq as Baby Jesus!



See, I told you I’d get you out of here quick.

Till next time.















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