Clearing History

Clearing History




Where are the wires?
Where are the wires?



We widely accept how the computer has changed our lives.


From the dissemination of information…to research…to communication, the computer has redefined not only how we live in the present, but also how we will live in the future.


But until just recently, I had no idea how the computer could change the PAST!



What the?  Really?
What the? Really?


It’s true!

I learned that with one simple click, I could clear history.

Not just clear it, but “Obliterate” it. (Rather harsh phrasing if you ask me.)

And I learned the computer gave me choices.

I could “obliterate” history in the past hour.  The past day.  The past week.  The last four weeks.  Or, from “the beginning of time.”



That’s a pretty overwhelming choice to someone who eecked out an underwhelming 2.3 GPA in college.

Lowly me had the power to obliterate history from the beginning of time?



Brawn, no brains.
Brawn, no brains.


With one click I could clear…

…Dinosaurs during the Mesozoic Era.

…Kings during the Georgian Era.

…And baseball during the Steroids Era.



The power I had to clear history was simply mind-blowing!




When doves cry their beaks run.
When doves cry their beaks run.



From the beginning of time, I could clear the history of famous revolutions…


…the French Revolution…

…the American Revolution…

…Even, Prince and The Revolution!



I wondered how clearing history would affect U.S. presidents.

From Lincoln…to JFK…to William Henry Harrison, who had the shortest term as president (one month)…to George W. Bush, who seemingly had the longest tenure in office!



Eat up, soldier.
Eat up, soldier.

And of course, wars throughout mankind’s long history…


…The Civil Wars…

…World Wars…

…Cold Wars…

…And Cupcake Wars.




Most of all, I wondered how clearing history would change my life.

Decisions I’ve made.  People I’ve hurt.  Opportunities I’ve missed.

Guess that’s life though.  You always rethink the “what-ifs.”

And you come to realize, there is no simple way to click away history.

You can only open a new tab to start fresh.

Start fresh everyone.






2 Replies to “Clearing History”

  1. Oh no Sock! Did this really happen? We have an external hard drive we save everything on because I know anyone could easily do the same thing. We even use Carbonite too.

  2. Kerri,
    Oh my mistake. I didn’t loose stuff on the computer. Couldn’t be so lucky to lose all the crap I’ve written over the years!
    Just making a sarcastic statement that I had the power!
    Sorry for the confusion but thank you for your concern!