We’re #2!

We’re #2!


MS is #2.
MS is #2.



C’mon, all together now…


“We’re #2, hey!  

We’re #2, Yeah!”


Yes, that’s right.  According to the National MS Society, multiple sclerosis is the second most expensive disease to treat.

Only congestive heart failure ranks higher.



The average health cost per family living with MS is about $70,000 per year.

Seventy G’s…and we only get 2nd place?  Second place is good, but not good enough!

Everyone wants to be number one.  And we as MSers are no exception.


Yeah, we bad, we bad!
Yeah, we bad, we bad!



Yep, we’re beating cancer.

Aids & Alzheimer’s?–get outta here.  You’re messing with the big dogs now.

And Diabetes?  You can bite it.


MS may be number two right now…but we’re coming after you CHF!





Good to be a rich MSer!
Good to be a rich MSer!




Our coffers run deep.

So much so, many of us with MS don’t even have to work.


Unlimited funds!


I light my cigars with $100 bills.





Moo-Lah!  I'm rich bee-otch!
Moo-Lah! I’m rich bee-otch!




We are rich with cashish.


And willing to spend it on our disease.





Go team go!
Go team go!



But to claim the top spot, MS will need some help.

So I have asked these cheerleaders and Big Pharm to lend a hand.

Let’s see what the young ladies have come up with…



“Go Big Pharm.  Go all the way!

Go Big Pharm, Let’s make’em pay!”


Wow, thanks girls!


Together we can do this.

Let’s work to make multiple sclerosis thee NUMBER ONE most expensive disease!

No one remembers number two.

So reach deep to help give MS the ranking it deserves.

Can you do another cheer, ladies?


“MS-MS is number two.  MS-MS, how about you?”


Well you heard it…MS is number two.

But then, you’ve known that since the day you were diagnosed, right?



5 Replies to “We’re #2!”

  1. I agree whole heartedly. I support your blog and always share it, in hopes that it will help others open their eyes and care too!

  2. Joanne,
    Thank you for your kind words but you really need to find a meaningful hobby!
    Much appreciation!

  3. Tell me about it. My new meds were just priced out. I almost felt like a heart attack was eminent when the yearly total for 1 pill per day is $139,049.22! I’m happy I have drug coverage for that but what if I didn’t!

  4. Speck,
    WOOOOW! That’s crazy! We are assured of claiming the top spot with meds like that. Good work!
    (And thanks for sharing.)