Giving MS the finger.
Giving MS the finger.


We’re not doing it to be assholes.

We’ve got nothing to prove.

And we’re not trying to be tough, curse or defiant.


First of all, I say “we” as in “you & I” with multiple sclerosis.


We’re just trying to live with something (MS) that takes, takes & takes a little something from us each day.


Therefore, we MSers find ourselves doing things that challenge our abilities.

“I did it yesterday, so I should be able to do it today.”

Unfortunately with MS that’s not always the case.  But as patients with MS, we damn well want to try!

(Yeah, a feisty bunch, we are.)


I say all that as two friends were recently discussing my latest hijinks…accidents, falls and other dumb stuff I’ve done.

(I was within ear-shot, so they knew I could hear them.)


NOT a "Fifty Shades" recreation.
NOT a “Fifty Shades” recreation.


Finally, one of them said to me…”We’re going to tie you down in a chair!”

I looked up…raised a clenched fist into the air…and shouted a rebellious “NEVER!!!”


My response kinda surprised me with the amount of piss & vinegar in tone.

I felt a odd connection to the defiant forefathers at the Boston Tea Party. 

But I strongly felt that I would not–could not be tied down to let MS win.

That is the reason for my stern reaction.


And your response would have been exactly the same.




One Reply to “Never!”

  1. Excellent blog again Doug. You make me smile and say what I feel all the time. Thanks again. Keep on, keep on Doug with ms ♡