Do We Really Need To Know?

Do We Really Need To Know?



Amazing Offers




Life changing information can be found in the most unlikeliest of places.


An example of which is this offer discovered at the bottom of an email I received:




How Old Men Tighten Skin
63 Year Old Man Shares DIY Skin Tightening Method You Can Do From Home


The ad leaves me asking “Do we really need to know how old men tighten skin?”

And are old men really doing this?

When they gather for coffee at Dunkin Donuts, are elders discussing how to firm-up saggy skin?


Not an example of skin tightening.
Not an example of skin tightening.



I like how a 63 year-old makes his skin tightening regime sound as do-it-yourself easy as replacing grout.

“Let’s swap out a faucet before we tighten the loose skin under the chin.”

No wonder Gramps spends time in his den–he goes in there to ratchet-up his skin tone!


I really believe some things are better left alone—this being one of them.


Maybe when I’m older, Juno.

Thanks but no thanks.


One Reply to “Do We Really Need To Know?”

  1. Frank stated “it’s kind of embarrassing”……using your wife’s Anti Aging cream is NOT embarrassing….now if he said he uses “hemorrhoid cream” to tighten his skin……now THAT would be embarrassing! 🙂