My Odd Sock’s Mixed Bag of MS

My Odd Sock’s Mixed Bag of MS

Mixed Bag

Being completely devoid of ideas is not uncommon here at My Odd Sock.

It’s something I’ve taken for granted since the inception of this blog back in 2009.

My calling card of lameness, if you will.

And this post is no exception.

Here are some random pictures I found interesting…..

Scooter watercraft

Scooter Jet Ski

A new product or a fabulous PhotoShop, either way, this is the bomb!

Who wouldn’t want a scooter that doubles as a personal wave runner!

Although this lady doesn’t appear to be dressed for a day on the water, (Who wears flats to Jet Ski?) I certainly hope she remembers her seat cushion can be used as a floatation device.

Handicapped portapot

Finally, equality has come full circle!

Those of us who are chairbound can now enjoy the pleasures of using the Handicapped Porta-Potty.

This Porta-Potty provides those of us with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy doing our business just like everyone else…

…in the identical, sweltering, hot-box environment.  With urine-splattered seats.  Flies galore.  A broken lock on the door.  And from the picture—no toilet paper!

Thank YOU A.D.A. for making this dream a reality!

MS guy

Lastly, here is a picture of a young man diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

We’ve all been there.

And experienced all the symptoms.

But you gotta feel for the guy…

mono guy

…Especially, because this SAME guy also has Mononucleosis.

His fatigue could have been mistaken for MS or Mono.

Wow, so you gotta feel for the guy…

high blood pressure

…’Cause apparently he has high blood pressure as well!

Geez, and you thought YOU had it bad.

You definitely gotta feel for this guy…

copper poisoning

…Because he is suffering from copper poisoning!

Oh my.  That’s what you get when you suck on spare change.

You gotta feel for the guy—he must feel awful…

aspirin overdose

…Which explains why he OD’d on aspirin.

Oh brother, an overdose on top of everything else.

Good thing he has Obamacare.

Man, you gotta feel for the guy…

bubonic plague

…But keep your pity-party short, because he also has Bubonic plague!

How long does this guy have left?

Well, let’s just say he shouldn’t order anything from QVC!

There you have it.

Another disjointed, convoluted post from My Odd Sock.

Would you expect anything else?


4 Replies to “My Odd Sock’s Mixed Bag of MS”

  1. My vote is ”PhotoShop” regarding the scooter jet ski. However, our local Rehab Hospital has many adaptive sports options. For years I have wanted to try their water skiing day they offer during the summer. I used to ski, but I don’t think I could survive the heat, even with cooling devices.

  2. Kim,
    Thank you for your vote of convolutiveness! Right there with you about not having something to blog about. Sometimes I freak about what to write about!

    Bet he reaches his deductible quickly!