My Odd Sock’s Early Christmas Gift Guide

My Odd Sock’s Early Christmas Gift Guide

My gift to you.
My gift to you.

Oh how the holiday’s sneak up on us!

Each year, it seems the retailers begin earlier & earlier to cram the thoughts of holiday shopping down our gullets.

And here at My Odd Sock, we’re no different!

That’s why I would like to share a few of my favorite gift ideas so far this holiday season…..

Exercise Equipment

H.H. Gregg starts us off with this ad of mattress & exercise equipment…..ON THE SAME PAGE!

Now if given the choice between sleeping or working out…what will the majority of us prefer?

Hmm, let me guess.

Maybe they were thinking after exercise, people can collapse on their new Serta.

I don’t know, but I thought it was a strange combo of products.

Let’s move on…

Duct Tape

Hey Five Below has Christmas Duct tape!

This must be a popular gift item in Alabama.

I don’t get it.

Kids-  “Gee thanks Mom & Dad.  Always wanted our own roll of duct tape!

Dad-  “Great Junior!  Now why don’t you go out there & tape up the bumper of the truck.”

Mom-  “And I need some on the handle of my skillet.”

Kids-  (Cheering)…”Yea!!”


Next, we have the “Party Animal Dancing Pet Speaker.”

Gosh, who wouldn’t want this for Christmas.  And it’s only $24.99.

Why is the cat’s head a different color from its body?

And those squiggly lines…Are they suppose to represent the dancing…or does this cat have gas?

Doggone cute!
Doggone cute!

Speaking of pets, we all enjoy dressing our dog in adorable sweaters.

Never mind the beast is already wearing a fur coat.

Just look at this happy pooch.

Its face says..”Please don’t take me outside in this goofy thing.  What dog is gonna want to sniff my butt wearing this?”

It’s no wonder so many dogs attack their owners.

Wouldn’t you?

"Do You See What I See?...A Truck, A Truck."
"Do You See What I See?...A Truck, A Truck."

Target offers this cool helmet camcorder.

It’s a great way to see what your kid sees…before they die.

Can’t say I would buy this expensive gadget for my kids, but from the expression on this boy’s face, I’d pay to see what’s about to happen!

That’s not a look of confidence.

Now THAT'S painful!
Now THAT'S painful!

Finally, Aldi sells the Majik “Stick and Move Kickboxing Trainer.”


Oh my God, from the location of this kid’s kick, I’d say he won the fight!

Who is this kid..the next Chuck Norris?

The blue boxer will never be able to father children after this.

I can’t believe that kick is only worth five points.  You would think it would be at least double value!

Hope the kid cut his toenails—or else there could be even more carnage.

Well that does it for this edition of “My Odd Sock’s Early Christmas Gift Guide.”

Whatever is on your list, remember, the perfect gift is out there.

And with my help, we’ll find it together.

Happy shopping.


2 Replies to “My Odd Sock’s Early Christmas Gift Guide”

  1. I like your observing eye with gift! Duct tape is cute but don’t think a kid would be too thrilled to get it…dogs do have fur coats but I see a lot of them dressed….poor boxer:) lol

  2. Need an idea for stocking stuffers…..Duct Tape… longer just for the man in your life… will love it too!!