What Happened To Breakfast?

What Happened To Breakfast?

IMG_1172Experts agree.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

It’s important as it “breaks” your “fast” between last night’s dinner and today’s lunch.  Hence the name, breakfast.

I admit, it’s my favorite meal of the day.

There is nothing I enjoy more than a bowl of cereal with a sliced banana and  maybe some blueberries or raisins.

But on a recent trip down the cereal aisle, I began to wonder……..

“What happened to breakfast?”

It seems bran flakes have been replaced with sweet treats.

If Taco Bell is the new “Fourth Meal,” then breakfast has become the new dessert!

Grab a shopping cart & follow me, I’ll show you…..


First up, “Chocolate Lucky Charms.”

As if the old Lucky Charms weren’t sweet enough, now they add chocolate into the mix!

I feel my teeth rotting just looking at the box!

Let’s hope the toy inside is a syringe of insulin.

You’re gonna need it!


We have “Cinnabon” cereal.  (They’re pretty awesome too!)

No need to spend five bucks at the mall for just one.  Now you can enjoy breakfast with a whole stinkin’ bowl of  Cinnabons!

Heck, instead of milk on your Cinnabon cereal, pour java into your bowl for a “two-for-one” morning experience!


Don’t like cinnamon buns?

Not a problem as everyone LOVES cookies for breakfast!

“Hershey’s Cookies-n-Creme” gives you “naturally and artificially flavored” cookie goodness in the cookie shape we are all familiar with….the round, musket-ball type.


Of course, the breakfast cookie purist will stick with the original…”Cookie Crisp.”

Yep, nothing beats starting your day with a big bowl of chocolate chip cookies.  Why just look at the wolf on the box!

Animal experts confirm the little known fact–a wolf prefers a bowl of cookies over a caribou any day!

Can it get any worse than cookies for breakfast?


Yes.  Yes it can.

How about “Reese’s Puffs?”

(Mom)…”Wake up kids, time for a bowl of Reese Cups!”


We have “Kellogg’s Smorz!”

The taste of a smore….without the messy campfire!

Marshmallows are a good part of this nutritious breakfast!


It appears the  common denominator of today’s cereals seems to be chocolate.

“Kellogg’s Krave” gives you a “crispy multi-grain outside and a smooth chocolate inside.”

But “Krave” didn’t cut it with true chocoholics.


So Kellogg’s introduced new “Krave Double Chocolate.”

“Double Chocolate Krave” is a hypoglycemic’s dream come true!


Finally, we have some normalcy at the breakfast table.  And NO chocolate!

Apple Jacks.  A long standing favorite of mine.

Who can resist the sweet taste of apples & cinnamon.

Well, apparently Kellogg’s can as they present…….


“Cinnamon Jacks!”

Yeah, to hell with the apples, Kellogg’s wants us to enjoy only the cinnamon.  Mmm, just a big bowl of spice!

The Jack is still there, but what’s a Jack?  I don’t know jack about Jack!

From the picture it looks related to the asterisk, but I can’t be sure.

I miss my apples!

What happened to breakfast?  I’m not sure.  But if you have an answer, please let me know in a comment.

Tell me about your favorite day starter.  And if you have tried any of the desserts, I-I mean, breakfast cereals listed above.

But hurry.  My bowl is empty and my stomach’s growling.


5 Replies to “What Happened To Breakfast?”

  1. I went into a diabetic coma reading your post, and I’m not a diabetic!!…..FYI, I have been known to eat left over cold pizza for breakfast…….

  2. Cereal is one of my favorite things too!!! I have tried the Cinnamon Jacks and was truly disappointed! The shape was awkward and I missed the apple flavor. I stick to the old tried and true cereals. Apple Jacks, Trix, Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, Lucky Charms, Frosted Mini Wheats (original flavor) and Coco Puffs….breakfast cereal is good anytime of the day!! 🙂

  3. Tina,
    You are spot-on with your serving of cereal reviews. Thanks for sharing!

    Cold pizza is the best! Sorry about the coma. You are a good typist for being in a coma!

  4. LOL, I am guilty!!!! I just bought chocolate chip eggo waffles and smores poptarts!!! However, I eat oatmeal for breakfast and nibble on the smores poptarts for desert, maybe I can get some grace for that one!!! OH, and they are even better with extra butter!!! Olivia

  5. Oat Squares are my favorite as I can snack on them at the computer. I was a mean mom who drew the line at chocolate cereal when my kids were growing up – and super sugary cereal was only allowed on weekends. They loved visiting their aunt who made sure that she was well stocked in the cocoa-everything cereal department.