More Mixed Nuts

More Mixed Nuts

Mixed Nuts

Let’s just call it mixed nuts.

Very simply, a collection of unrelated subject matter thrown together in one can.  Some call it eclectic snacking, while others think it is being plain lazy.

(We could sort the nuts into separate cans….OR, we can lump them together.)  (Who’s gonna buy a can of those over-sized, black nuts?  What the hell are those anyway?)

First up is something I found printed on a bag from McDonalds……


Egg McMuffin Sandwiches….(the best breakfast sandwich I might add)….”Made With Freshly Cracked Eggs.”

What does THAT mean?  Are there any OTHER type of eggs?

Generally if it doesn’t come in an egg shell, it’s not an egg—it’s poop!

And why is there an asterisk over the word “Cracked?”  What does that signify?  Now I am really confused.  And curious!

Sticking with fast food (no pun intended), have you noticed the new logo for Wendy’s?

Wendy's new logo
Wendy's new logo

Yeah, Wendy got a much needed makeover.

For many years, Wendy’s marketing focused on the chain’s founder, Dave Thomas.  Dave did this.  Dave believes that.  Dave.  Dave.  Dave.

Meanwhile. quietly working behind the scenes was MRS. Dave Thomas.  For years, cleaning up his mess.  Picking up his dirty socks.  All without any recognition.

IMG_1158 - Copy

Well, finally Mrs. Dave Thomas gets her due with a hidden tribute in the new logo.

See it?

Some may say it is just her collar, but I think it has a deeper meaning.

Here’s to you Mrs. Dave Thomas.  I mean, Mom.

IMG_1161Here is a sign of the times from the local Yellow Pages.

Yep, on this page you can find everything from “Tennis to Terrorism.”

From Aces to Assassins.

Break Points to Booby Traps.

Serves to Sieges.

Volleys to Violence.

Just let your fingers do the walking!

Finally, this invitation came in the mail the other day….

Baldwin WallaceOh wow, thanks Baldwin Wallace!

A “Cookout With The Yellow Jackets.”

Sounds like a freaking good time!

I’ll bring the potato salad…and an EpiPen!

Don’t worry, the chip dip is made of Ranch dressing and Epinephrine!

I’m not very hungry, besides, my throat has swollen shut!

So I warned you it was Mixed Nuts.

Here’s to a tremendous weekend!


IMG_1161Here is a sign of the times from the local Yellow Pages.

7 Replies to “More Mixed Nuts”

  1. Giggles! I think the ‘cracked’ part means they don’t use artificial eggs [e.g., EggBeaters]
    Wendy’s swears they didn’t do the Mom thing on purpose!

  2. Ya, the egg thing means not Eggbeaters. I can’t eat those things, real eggs or otherwise…but I do like mixed nuts, as long as they are loaded with cashews!

  3. Where’s MY invitation to a BBQ with the yellowjackets? All I got was a crummy evite to a brunch with the hornets.

    Those big nuts (HAHAHA) are the worst! Well, peanuts kind of suck too. People always paw through the can to pick out the best ones, don’t they? Then you’re left with handled & rejected nuts (HAHAHA).

  4. Ms. Cranky,

    Now that you mention it, people digging through a can of nuts is pretty gross. That’s worse than double-dipping a chip.

  5. Well done! (Pun with fast food talk intended) You always make us smile and laugh 🙂

    Dan and Jennifer

  6. I’m one of those terrible people that likes any kind of food. Even those big black nuts. As far as “double dipping”, the only person I usually share food with is my wonderful wife Sandy. After 40 years (come Sept 7th) of marriage we have already shared all of our germs.


  7. Oh Bob. You big suck-up!

    Thank you. Maybe when you finally get cable, you’ll enjoy some real entertainment!