My Odd Sock Prescription Name Game

My Odd Sock Prescription Name Game


Time to play!  Let’s revisit this retro My Odd Sock…(because I am too lazy to write something new).

Good Luck! 



Every day new prescription medications are FDA-approved and placed on the market.

Do you ever wonder how they come up with the crazy names for these drugs?…Names that are nearly impossible to pronounce!


I use to.  Then I figured it out!

It’s a big, buddy-buddy brewhaha between the pharmaceutical companies and the great fantasy writers of our day…J.K. Rowlings, George Lucas and J.R. Tolkien to name a few.


I surmise, the names of prescription drugs would make perfect characters in any of their movies & novels.

To prove my point, I invite you to play the “My Odd Sock Prescription Name Game!”



Question 1

Star WarsListed below are four names.  Three are “Star Wars” characters and one is a prescription medication.  Can you guess which one is the drug?


A) Vestara    B) Senesca    C) Januvia    D) Tavian



Question 2

Reach for the stars!  Below are three more characters from “Star Wars” and one drug.  Find the pill you must? (My Yoda impression)


A)  Crestor   B)  Nihilus   C)  Xizor   D) Palpatine



Harry PotterQuestion 3


All right wizards, here are three characters from Harry Potter as well as one medication.  Wave your wand and find the drug.


A)  Caradoc   B)  Deverill   C)  Silvanus   D)  Geodon



Question 4


Put on your thinking glasses, Harry!  Here are three more names from Potter and one drug.  Can you name the prescription?


A)  Abraxas   B)  Mirena   C)  Delacour   D)  Cedrella



Lord of the Ringworm

Question 5


Sharpen your quill, Frado!  Here are three characters from “Lord of the Rings” and one medicine.  Name it…

A)  Isildur   B)  Galadriel   C)  Faramir   D)  Septra



Avatar, NOT Blue Man Group!

Question 6

I haven’t seen the movie “Avatar” but maybe you have.  Find the med among the three characters and you win!

A)  Xolotl   B)  Voltaren   C)  Quetzie   D)  Orunmila



Question 7

Back to England we go.  Listed below are three prescription drugs and one Harry Potter character.  Can you pick the character?


A)  Lycoris   B)  Kariva   C)  Ultram   D)  Eskalith



Question 8


Finally, climb aboard the X-Wing fighter to find the one “Star Wars” character in this group of drugs.

A)  Dolophine   B)  Norco   C)  Skeloxin   D)  Valorum





Have I made my point?  Or am I being foolish?


Next time Ms. Rowlings seeks a name for a literary character, she only needs to watch the TV commercials for prescription medications.  Either that, or “ask a doctor if Evista is right for her.”



1)  C     2)  A     3)  D     4)  B     5)  D     6)  B     7)  A     8)  D


9 Replies to “My Odd Sock Prescription Name Game”

  1. Absolutely hysterical, Sock! I thought you were going to say the drugs were named after the series of letters one types to prove we’re not robots when commenting on a blog! (I’ve been writing some of them down — not sure why, but if if I need a new drug name, I’ll have that list!)

  2. This is a very hard quiz but a whole lot more fun than “Is Your Mate Right for You?” You started my day with a smile.

  3. ROTFLMAO. Good one sock. Now I’ll never look at the movies with the family the same…not like I remember the names anyways though.

  4. Amazing and amusing — hmmm… amauzing? naaah… — and really tough, so I’m glad that you gave the answers at the end, as I could not not NOT figure even one of them out. Crap memory, me.