Impressed Or Depressed

Impressed Or Depressed





Melancholy describes my feelings while flipping through a university alumni magazine.

It’s cool to read up on all the changes taking place on the ol’ stomping ground of higher learning.

But it can also be depressing as all heck.



Because with all the exciting things happening around campus, comes positive news & announcements of the school’s graduates.

New jobs.  New careers.  New challenges.  Exciting things happening to vibrant minds.

The depressing part (to me) comes from the fact that a disease took me from the workplace before I was ready to go.

Maybe you feel the same.

I left on ITS terms, not mine.  So I still had something left in the tank.

Now, I can understand the frustration of a pitcher on the mound in baseball.  The manager takes the ball from the player’s hand and tells him to hit the showers.  The pitcher doesn’t want to come out of the game, but he must.


So while I am happy to read the achievements of fellow graduates, I am also disgusted that some days my biggest challenge is getting out of a friggin chair!



The Funny Meter.  Lovely.
The Funny Meter. Lovely.



Well, well, well, the Funny Meter makes an appearance.

Yeah, I know this subject isn’t a knee-slapper, but cut me some slack!

Funny Meter, why don’t you take your electricity and go light up a nativity scene or something.  Geez!






Wee Haa, let me begin to share!
Wee Haa, let me begin to share!


When I see things like this in the magazine, I get somewhat down.




Golly, what “good news and accomplishments” would I have to share?………




Sorry Charlie!
Sorry Charlie!




Nah, I don’t believe this is the type of achievement the magazine editors were looking for!





Missed again.
Missed again.




Nope.  Not this one either.

Accidents of bodily functions rarely make the cut in alumni news.








Along the same lines, MS is also part of my reasoning not to attend a high school reunion.

I would just rather not answer the questions and be part of the “sideshow act” that involves me trying to get around.

(I’m not exactly sure how this relates to my premise of alumni mags–but it is a depressing embarassment just the same.)




So, where do you stand (or sit) on the role of MS in your professional life?


Although multiple sclerosis, or some other health problem may take us from the working world, that very same MS can also open eyes & hearts to life’s other (more important) “good news and achievements!”

Keep striving for your best.


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6 Replies to “Impressed Or Depressed”

  1. My college alumni magazine update would read…..Margaret BS ’74 Retired due to MS. Holds 2 positions. One in the bed, the other in a power chair.

    I did go to my 40th High School Reunion. Out of around 600 classmates, there are around 40 classmates that we know of, who have passed away. I decided since I was still above ground, and lived in the same city, I had no excuse not to attend. The only problem was, that I was unable to mingle in my chair, and missed a few classmates I wanted to talk to. However, the majority of my close friends since elementary school, sat at the same table with me, and when heard I was there, others came to me so I pretty much didn’t have to move around too much.

  2. Margaret,
    Sounds like you had a good time at your reunion. Worth the effort I’m sure.
    I got a kick out of your climb up the “corporate-mobility ladder!”

  3. Hey Doug, funny that you write about this. I recently took my sister to tour my old college campus ( I dropped out in my Junior year) . She is a Senior in highschool, we are nineteen years apart so I am kind of like a mom sister, lol. I had a deep pang of weirdness and I teared up , mainly I think because she has so much in front of her, so much of life to live. I am excited for!!! It is a hard reality to face that the workplace is not somewhere we can shake rattle and roll in anymore. I had planned on going back to work this year as my daughter started kindergarten, but all summer I knew there was no way I could stand or sit for long periods, plus I am terrified I would drop something or screw up with my wacky brain. HOWEVER, I happen to be somewhat of an artist and I reopened my at home ETSY business and it took off and I am making fluffy pink Christmas creations for peoples homes, mainly in Australia, Canada, and New York. I can sit and work at my own pace. I have a couple of regular clients that were so happy to have me back ( I closed down for almost a year after I got sick.) I have regained some confidence I lost. Um, on the flip side of that, I will be closing my flea market booths this season. I don’t want to, I have been literally dragging my feet at this reality, but I cannot do all is necessary to keep up with everything. Anyway, may I tell you that your posts, helped me hold on last year. I think for months I did not laugh, except when I read your blog. Sooooooo, consider your new career in comic counseling…it is needed, relevant, welcome and fresh and new!!!!!! I love your work, thank you for sharing!!!! ~~Olivia

  4. Doug are you stretching and stuff, I am because you keep reminding me too..not time to give up, not yet. Sending you a big light to shine in the darkness and a jumpstart for your funny meter 😉

  5. My dad went to Youngstown! Have never heard anyone make the reference. Did you go there? I love your site!

  6. Dear My Odd Sock, I hear you and have often felt the same way. But writing helps me through that and please never underestimate the power of your writing and the service you are providing to others. After years of education, many people can achieve things in the career world. But not many have the talent to make people laugh at something that is totally not funny.