Having MS Is Like Organizing The Tupperware Cabinet.

Having MS Is Like Organizing The Tupperware Cabinet.



OK, I hear you.  This guy has written some ridiculous stuff in the past…but this is about as far-fetched as it gets, right?

A messy Tupperware cabinet being like MS?  That’s about as big a stretch as me getting up a flight of stairs.


Well just read on and I’ll try to explain.


Sometimes you can draw strange similarities between two completely different situations.  And this happens to be one such time.


Comparison #1-


Caution:  War Zone!
Caution: War Zone!




“When you are first diagnosed/begin to organize, you feel sickingly overwhelmed.”





Oh my God, what a mess!  What am I going to do?  Where do I start?

Your head begins to spin.  Your breathing is shallow & rapid.  Your heart races.

Then, you begin to settle down.  Clearer thoughts prevail.  You come up with a treatment & plan of attack.

There that's better!
There that's better!



Before long you/it begins to take shape!

Looking good!





Comparison #2-


You gotta be kidding me!
You gotta be kidding me!




“Get it straightened out..and the next day it all goes to hell.”


How does it go from being so nice to so bad–so quickly?



A flare-up can set you back like a badger rooting in your cabinet!

Are you kidding me?  I had everything a perfect fit…and now it’s a mess.



(Seeing any similarities yet?)




Comparison #3-


“Every doctor/person has a different opinion on what you should do.”


Should I take this medication—or that one?  Should I put the containers on the right—or the left?  She said to stay away from that med.  He thinks the lids should go on the shelf.




Comparison #4



What's the best route?
What's the best route?



“You are always second-guessing yourself.”


Wonder if its better to take this injection med…or the other?

Maybe I should do the IV stuff & take those pills?



Maybe it would be better to put the lids on the containers instead of holding a Coast Guard type “Search & Rescue” mission to find the right lid.




Comparison #5-


“You own a different mobility device/container for every situation/leftover.”


I can “wall-walk” here.  But I need the rollator for there.  This thing has a tighter lid for liquids.  Put the lasagna in that.  Use a scooter at the mall.




Comparison #6-


What is THIS to?
What is THIS to?



“You have a symptom/lid that doesn’t fit any diagnosis/container.”



Why does my hip hurt?  Is the pain in my eye MS related?  Where is the container for this freakin lid!



Well, I rest my case.

So you see, multiple sclerosis CAN be similar to organizing the tupperware cabinet.  (I only wish MS was as easy to manage!)

Can you draw any odd comparisons between your MS and daily life?  Think about it and share your thoughts with a comment.

I’ll be here waiting….and trying to find the container for that lid.  Gotta be here somewhere…












6 Replies to “Having MS Is Like Organizing The Tupperware Cabinet.”

  1. Love it! Made me think of another tupperware comparison. If whatever is supporting you (cane/cabinet door) pulls away suddenly, you are likely to topple over on to the floor.

  2. Muff,
    Sorry, but due to contractual obligations, I am only crazy enough to straighten one tupperware drawer!

    That’s a good one! Sometimes when I open the cabinet door it is like a tupperware landslide spilling out onto the kitchen floor!

  3. I am always complaining when someome messes up my organized Tupperware cabinet. Unfortunately I can no longer organize it myself, and have to bark out orders how I like it done. To keep the lids organized, I keep them in large ziplock bags according to size. Need a lid, I can pull out the plastic bag of lids to easily find the size I need.

  4. Yes doug, i figure out how to handle arm spasms and then i moves to my bladder, by the time i get my bladder and arm better my feet lose power , then im trying to tell my dr what going on and my brain farts and im not sure why im there….lol, lol tupperware,your silly, olivia

  5. Margaret,

    The bag’o lids is a good idea!
    I bet you’re pretty good at barking out orders too! (Just teasing!)