Handicap Hate Crime

Handicap Hate Crime



Hate crimes are not uncommon these days.

Terrible acts of rage and intolerance have plagued the issues of race, color, gender and sexual orientation among others.

But never have crimes of hate been so blatant against one such group.

Of course, I am referring to the recent attacks on one man.

They are…….


Handicap sign



….Handicap Hate Crimes.








This man, a friend, a fellow MSer and a reader of this pathetic website was a recent victim of a handicap hate crime.

He recounted his story to My Odd Sock in strictest confidence.  I assured him of his anonymity and vowed to direct my full attention to the matter during the next commercial break  (He called me on TV night!).


He shared a photograph of a hurtful symbol of himself that was erected in his front yard.  Like the burning crosses of decades past, this crude figure represented heinous feelings of spite.


Here in all its ugly glory is the disturbing image…..





I began to question the mocking depiction of this individual with MS.


His frail, diseased body.  His pathetic sense of balance.  A living, breathing human being precariously teetering on a pair of aluminum crutches.

How crude.





But the hate didn’t end there.



The scum proceeded to desecrate even more…..


Perilous danger!
Perilous danger!



Oh my God!

Not baseballs & tennis balls scattered on the man’s front walkway!


How he entered his own home, I cannot begin to fathom.



The torment continued……


No regard to mankind.
No regard to mankind.



Evil, graffitti messages were scrawled on his driveway.


This one demanded him to leave his home.

Disappear from his community.





Hurtful yes, but excellent penmanship!
Hurtful yes, but excellent penmanship!



While this message tore at the man’s sense of being.

Bruising ones personal pride.


If you are like me, you must look away from this shameful disgrace of human will.

All I can say to this MSer is be strong, my friend.



I’m sure handicap hate crimes will continue to occur, but My Odd Sock promises to work to find justice in this wrong doing.

If you or anyone you know has any information or insight on this crime, please leave a comment.  Your participation is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


4 Replies to “Handicap Hate Crime”

  1. Ok…..you are out of control and i love it. Your not serious right??? Thank you for stopping by, your comment made me smile…it was all a good day until i realized my bladder was spasming istead of my legs, oh well off to the doc i go!!! I really like the balls on,the walk lol, lol..olivia

  2. Olivia,

    Serious? Me?
    Oh, this is serious….well, with a little My Odd Sock embelishment!

    Thank you for your kind words.