Cll Phn Txting

Cll Phn Txting



While I upgrade to an iPhone, please check out this long-term pet peeve of mine…



Let’s face it, today’s Circle of Life includes a foundation based on 2-year service agreements and 1-time activation fees.



Of course I’m talking about cell phones.  And the handy-dandy texting feature!

Cell phones I can deal with–it’s the texting that binds my boxers.  And I’ll tell you why….



Swishes, rings, clangs, buzzes…my family room is awash in a tsunami of sound (My head pounds like a manager of Radio Shack) to the incoming barrage of text messages.

Not a word is spoken.  You just hear a faint clicking as fingers fly across keyboards not much larger than a postage stamp.

Conversation is nil.  We’re like monks who have taken a vow of silence.

That’s when I realize we’ve become a society hellbent on communicating—by NOT communicating!



It’s been said “writing” is a lost life skill?  I’ll take it a step further and add “talking” to that list.

That was made apparent to me recently as I had dinner with a college buddy I hadn’t seen in 20 years.


He had his cell phone sitting on the table like it was a part of the place setting.

My every question to him would be interrupted by an incoming cell phone text which he would pounce upon with rattlesnake-like reflexes!

Me-      “So, tell me about your job at the hospital?”

Him-    “Oh, it’s so cool!  I get to….(Buzz)(Typing…click, click, click, click)


Me-     “What does Jamie want to do after high school?”

Him-    “Well, she has been volun…(Buzz)(Typing…click, click, click, click)



I thought maybe I could get a more complete answer if I would text my questions…

Me-     (Texting)….”dd u wtch lympcs?”


(I’ve learned you don’t need many vowels when you text.  In fact, we should just eliminate most vowels from the alphabet all together!)



My friend was excited to tell me his cell phone could work underwater.  Oh perfect. because at that point I was ready to stick it in my water glass!




His comment reminded me of what a salesman once said to me when buying a watch.  He said, “This watch is pressurized to work at an underwater depth of 50 meters.”  My only response was that if I suddenly found myself 50 meters underwater—I don’t think knowing the time would be my first priority!


Our dinner together ended graciously.  And I finally did get the answers to my questions.  So I suppose my internal strife was for naught.  I understand cell phones are here to stay.  And texting too.  I just need to “Settle down Pops”…..Lace up my Rockports (Yes, I do own a pair!)…And accept that fact…..At least, till the end of my 2-year service agreement.  LOL


2 Replies to “Cll Phn Txting”

  1. I don’t text. Mainly because my MS fingers/thumbs can’t handle it. I’m typing with much difficulty right now. Anyway… 28 year old daughter who lives in NY, I’m in Fla, never calls me. Someone suggested I text her. So what seemed what took for ever, I managed to send her a text. She texted back, “Who is this?”. I never ever text again. Everyone around me seems to be texting. Maybe it bothers me because I don’t text. Maybe if I could text, I’d be one of those with a cell phone always in hand.