You Have Friends On Faceplant!

You Have Friends On Faceplant!


At My Odd Sock, we (I) strive to promote a world of harmony and acceptance.  A world…free of hate and ignorance.  I believe it was astronaut Neil Armstrong who said…”That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Thus, My Odd Sock is proud to introduce……


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My Odd Sock


What’s on your mind?





Fall Guy

Sorry My Odd Sock, you’re not the only one taking tumbles.  I tripped over some junk in my basement!  Here’s a picture of my basement ceiling…

Here is my basement ceiling.
Here is my basement ceiling.


I've fallen lady

I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up Lady.

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!  Can anyone help me?




Hazel Hopeful

Oops, woopsie Fall Guy!  Hope you are OK.

Nice ceiling though  🙂



Big Ed

Watch out for throw-rugs on the floor you guys.  I gotta bruised knee to prove my point!



I've fallen lady

I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up Lady

I’m still waiting.  Think I hurt my hip.  Please hurry!




Head Trauma Mama

I fell in my front yard.  It certainly is much softer in the grass than any floor!  LOL  Here is a snapshot….






Hey, I poop in that yard!




Souper Sal

Ouch, I slipped on a tile floor.   🙁  

More careful next time!


I've fallen lady

I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up Lady

OMG, I still need help!  Does anyone read this friggin site?



facebook f



Faceplant.  A social network for clumsy folks with multiple sclerosis.  Join today!



4 Replies to “You Have Friends On Faceplant!”

  1. I’m there! Must have missed the link looking up at the ceiling
    After staring at the ground for a good long while!

  2. BREAKING NEWS…..MSer’s taking over the world with My Odd Socks introduction of a new social networking website called FACEPLANT. Be afraid Mark Zuckerberg, be VERY afraid…….

  3. May I join faceplant? I can start a “group” called the elbow bangers!!! I cannot stop banging my right elbow…I don’t know what the problemo is???? It’s like its floppin around with a mind of its own!!! So do you “elbow bang” or have “sandpaper hands” ??? Maybe there could be a whole new set of musical instruments for people with neuro shennanigans!!!!! Thanks sock, I needed the lift!!!

  4. Randbone,
    At Faceplant, we are always looking up!

    If Mark Zuckerberg wanted a piece of Faceplant, I would be happy to sell the rights for the amount of change in the cushions of Mark’s couch!

    You’re an elbow banger, eh?
    I’m neither an elbow banger or have sandpaper hands. (I use lotion after I shower. My family calls it my “lotion dance.”)
    As for your membership to Faceplant…you’re in! Congrats–you’re going places now!