Noteworthy Messages

Noteworthy Messages


Please make a note to enjoy this My Odd Sock from the past!


I have a bad habit AND a dilemma.

My bad habit is not leaving a note telling others in my family of my whereabouts.

It’s a bad habit I am working hard to break……which leads me to my dilemma.


My dilemma is the odd assortment of household notepads from which I have to work with.



Here is a sample…….


The grocery list
The grocery list


I’m a listing guy.  I love lists and I like to create them.  But when composing a grocery list, the notepad must be large enough to contain all required provisions.

Oh sure, these heart-shaped notepads look darling on the shelf of the stationary store—but what functionality do they have?




Here is another one…….

The "W" pad
The "W" pad


What is the purpose of this notepad?

I get dizzy just trying to write on it!

I guess it would be cute if your name was “Wilbur” or “Waldo”, but no one in my family has a name that begins with a “W”—so how the heck did this get in the house?….And why?

(Maybe that’s what the “w” stands for….”why“)



Thank goodness we have larger, more conventional notepads to work with.

Problem is…….they tend to have a feminine flair to them!

Ahhh, how sweet!
Ahhh, how sweet!



It’s kind of demoralizing to write a manly note on such frilly notepads.





Here is my favorite gender-neutering notepad…….

Sunflowers for everyone!
Sunflowers for everyone!



No testosterone needed here!





Now you know one of my bad habits…and how I am working to improve my communications skills.


Are you faced with similar issues?  Well, put on a skirt, curl up in the Papasan chair and we can chat about it!

The End
The End

4 Replies to “Noteworthy Messages”

  1. They seem to come from nowhere. My personal choice is recycling the family’s wasted printer paper into my own notepads. There are always plenty of blank ends of sheets that make nice grocery lists. 🙂

  2. Being a writer, I have tons of spiral notepads in the house–completely filled with notes and bibliographies, on both sides of the paper.

    For grocery lists, I have to resort to the only blank paper in abundance: teeny-weeny sticky notes. I stick them all over the outside of my purse and peel them off as I put the items in the basket.

    Why don’t I ever put “spiral notepads” on the list? Oy.


  3. I really enjoyed flipping through this. I think I will have a go through your other post’s!