Mother’s Day Salute: Patricia Krentcil

Mother’s Day Salute: Patricia Krentcil



Being Mother’s Day weekend, My Odd Sock would like to honor and salute the most misunderstood mother of recent days….Patricia Krentcil, aka “Tanning Mom.”

Pat Krentcil


Patricia is the 44 year-old mother who is being vilified in the media for excessive tanning as well as allowing her 6 year-old daughter to join her in the tanning booth.


In fact, Krentcil is being charged with “second-degree child endangerment.”  (I’m not clear if they mean “child endangerment” or “second degree burns.”)

Shame on you bully media!

I happen to agree with Ms. Krentcil who believes the best way for a child to start their day is with a nutritious breakfast….and a base tan.


But before you accuse and cast your opinion of Patricia, let My Odd Sock assure you that behind her bronzed skin and under the bleached-out blonde hair, lies a beautiful human being.  One with feelings of love, hurt, hopes & dreams–just like you & I.


Tan Mom



For this very reason, in an exclusive report, My Odd Sock would like to introduce you to the personal side of this New Jersey mom….




A young Patricia Krentcil
A young Patricia Krentcil




Here is a picture of a very young Patricia Krentcil at the beach during a family vacation.







Her favorite color...Burnt Umber
Her favorite color...Burnt Umber



Ms. Krentcil’s favorite color…….Burnt Umber.






John Denver



Patty’s favorite song…..John Denver’s “Sunshine On My Shoulders.”




george hamilton



Her favorite actor……the great George Hamilton!




Mmm, toast with jam & butter
Mmm, toast with jam & butter



Patricia’s favorite breakfast…..Toast with jam & butter.







You may not agree with “Tanning Mom’s” beauty regime, but a deep tan will allow her to carry her healthy glow well into middle age.

To prove the point, My Odd Sock will use highly sophisticated technology to show how Patricia Krentcil will look into the future.


Tanning Mom, today at 44.
Tanning Mom, today at 44.



Here she is today at 44 years young.




10 years from now
10 years from now



And here she is 10 years from now at 54.

It is remarkable how beauty stays!



I hope this column allows you to better understand the mother who is….”Tanning Mom.”

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!

Disclaimer:  My Odd Sock encourages everyone to use a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher.


3 Replies to “Mother’s Day Salute: Patricia Krentcil”

  1. Ridiculous! I ponder an odd thought…has my odd sock ever been subjected to the tanning bed?

  2. Olivia,
    To answer your question…no, I have never used a tanning bed. I am part Greek, so I tan easily. The light inside the refrigerator is enough to get me tan!