Learning From A Teenager

Learning From A Teenager



As a 48 year old adult with a college education (a lofty 2.3 GPA), there was a time when I could say with confidence there was absolutely NOTHING to learn from some punk teenager.

Boy, was I mistaken!


My teenage son just taught me an easier way to peel a banana!



chimp eating banana


He told me humans peel bananas from the top (stem end) downward.

Primates, on the other hand, peel their bananas from the bottom upward.

(Note:  Picture is a chimpanzee, NOT my son.)



My Odd Sock's current evolutionary scale.
My Odd Sock's current evolutionary scale.


As multiple sclerosis forces my backward slide down the evolutionary scale, I thought it would be wise to learn to peel a banana like my monkey brethren.

So I asked my wise son to explain his theory.



He described in detail the struggle we humans endure as we peel a banana from the stem side down.


Twisting & tearing at the stem.
Twisting & tearing at the stem.


To peel a banana, we start by one of three ways.

We can twist or tear the peel at the stem.




Cutting the stem with a knife.  (Even using a cutting board!)
Cutting the stem with a knife. (Even using a cutting board!)




Those with proper manners can cut the peel at the stem.



Biting the stem off.  (This looks like "Shark Week!")
Biting the stem off. (This looks like "Shark Week!")



And those of us with the etiquette of a Neanderthal (me) even bite the peel to get it started.





But monkeys may be smarter than what we think.

Primates, my son said, turn the banana upside down.  They then pinch the very end with their fingernail and peel away.

Just pinch and peel!
Just pinch and peel!


No muss.  No fuss.

And NO messy banana strings!


Give it a try and you’ll agree, peeling a banana from the bottom is so simple….even a monkey can do it!


With this new knowledge, I have since swallowed my stubborn pride and realized I CAN learn something from a teenager.

Thank you son.  Now can you please tell me how to change the damn ringtone on this stupid cellphone.



5 Replies to “Learning From A Teenager”

  1. Putting banana’s on my shoppong list. Can’t wait to try it “primate style”. I cut off the stem. Not because I have proper manners, but because that is the only way I can start the peel. Why didn’t we learn this in school instead of algebra? Have you ever used algebra in your adult life?

  2. Margaret,

    You’re not proper? You are ruining the mental image I have of you!
    I agree with the algebra thing. Although I HAVE used algebra to peel a banana when all else fails!

  3. Since I find it impossible to peel a banana, I give the unpeeled banana to my dog and then finish off whatever I can wrestle away from her. Most of the time, she shares.

  4. Good to know…my right hand decided to putter around or out today, this is good…..is it possible to write solely on banana humor? I find it entaining:) olivia