Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends



Odds & Ends


It’s time to do some sprucing up of the My Odd Sock topic’s page.

Time to clean-up & clear-out some disjointed, mish-mashed, nonsensical ideas.  (How is that different from anything else on this website, right?)



So, in no particular order, here we go….


Spanish Salsa

The back cover of my son’s Spanish textbook contained a detailed description of a digital, online learning program.

The program was the publisher’s way to augment the subject matter.

All well and good to this point.

But here is the picture they used to make it clear….


Online learning is fun!
Online learning is fun!




What is this?

This picture reminds me of something…


…just what could it be?





That’s it!  It reminds me of the pictures of fertilization from a high school sex- ed class!

Quick, abort!  The mouses are about to penetrate the mother board!  That’s how they make little iPads!


What’s next…



Google Giggle

Have you ever googled your name to see what comes up?

I have from time to time (because I’m all about me) (Feel free to vomit!).


The other day I was on Google Images and decided to search my name.

Low & behold, this was one of the results…


University of Southhampton

What the hell?  I know I’m a psychological basketcase, but this is too much!

Probably named a building after me—one with padded walls!


Google yourself away and let me know what you find.

Let’s move along…



Bath Time


A luxurious Memory Foam bath mat
A luxurious Memory Foam bath mat

Lastly, we have a new bath mat here in the My Odd Sock executive washroom.

The bath mat is very special because it is made of “memory foam,” a thick, cushiony material.

“Memory foam” is great for a mattress–not so for a bath mat.

Why do I need “memory foam” in a bath mat?  I think I’ll find my way out of the shower!  (Turn left at the loofa)


Another word for “memory foam” to an MSer…..is quicksand!


Glue Trap


I get “stuck” on my memory foam bath mat like a rodent on a glue trap!




Glue trap footnote:

When I googled “glue trap” to get the above picture.  I was provided with many different product images.  Some serious.  Some gross.  And some that were quite amusing.


Mouse glue trap



Like this one from a company producing “The Big Cheese” glue trap.


This has to be good, right?  Mice LOVE cheese.

And I’m glad for the green bubble on the lower left of the package reminding me “The Big Cheese” glue trap is “Poison Free.”

Lord, it would be inhumane to use a glue trap with poison!



Tom & Jerry


Then I found this image featuring the luvable cartoon characters, Tom & Jerry.

THIS is the best endorsement deal the boys could get?

Jerry is in trouble here and Tom couldn’t be happier!

Why didn’t Tom think of using a glue trap sooner?

(Guess that’s what happens when you get hit over the head with a frying pan that many times!)

Hey Jer, be careful of the poison!  Tom didn’t use “The Big Cheese” brand glue trap!


That’s enough hijinks for now.

Thanks for helping me get rid of some odds & ends.



5 Replies to “Odds & Ends”

  1. Once again, tickling my funny bone! I did Google myself, and I learned there’s something in the Harry Potter series with my name!

  2. The mouse circle reminded me of a Mexican Stand-off.

    Googling myself turned up a woman with my moniker who sells knitted crafts. Somebody I met on an MS online support group found it, too, and told me how much she likes my textiles. I was tempted to take the credit, that stuff was pretty nice!

  3. OK, I just Googled myself knowing that the first hit would be the name of a Princess in England because I always knew we had the same name. The second hit said “A Fashionable Name To Remember” next to my name for a clothing designer. Over the years I always heard the comment I had the same name as a princess, but never a clothing designer. If I am ever mistaken for the clothing designer, I think I will take the credit. At this stage of the game, “What the Heck!”. 🙂