The Occupied Movement

The Occupied Movement





Throughout our great nation, citizens revolt.  Demonstrations reign.  Anger is vented by loud shouts of unfairness & inequality.

The majority (99%ers) versus the minority (1%ers) in a economic battle of David and Goliath.



I did not fully understand the deep meaning of these public outcrys.  Until just the other day when the vision of their dismay became clear.


I felt their pain.  My stomach churned.  My heart raced inside my chest.  I could feel the sweat on my back and wiped the dampness from my brow.

I squeezed the steering wheel even harder, hoping it would take my mind away from the obvious.

I was driving on a country road far from the demonstrations of people expressing their discontent.  Yet, the pain in my gut drew me close.


That’s when I saw it…..

The crescent moon of relief.
The crescent moon of relief.



A Porta-Palace!
A Porta-Palace!



It was a vision of beauty.  And like the demonstrators, nothing could stop me now!

Not police in riot gear.  Not tear gas.  Not pepper spray.  Nor rubber bullets.

I was about to conduct my own demonstrative movement when I reached for the handle….






Aaaah, dammit!

Why couldn’t the state afford TWO Porta-Pots at this location!

Clearly, this is a battle between the “Haves” and the “Haves-To-Go!”




Hold it in, Gimpy!
Hold it in, Gimpy!



(From the Beastie Boys song)…I have a right….to poooooooootty!

One percent or ninety-nine—I’ll give any percent for the person to clear outta this john, right now!



My Odd Sock is next!
My Odd Sock is next!




Finally it was my turn.

And as I locked the door handle to reveal the “occupied” sign–the meaning of the demonstrations became clear…..Always travel with your own toilet paper, because the last person in here used it all up!  &%$#@!!





7 Replies to “The Occupied Movement”

  1. If you do decide to travel with your own TP, be sure to get one of those nifty Cottenelle containers so you can “respect the roll”. 🙂

  2. This is why they invented adult diapers and pee pads (can’t think of the name). Did you know in the middle east they wear diapers for the long celebrations that gather thousands?? Jist say’in… ;-/

  3. I’ve always wondered – in Times Square on New Years Eve, with so many thousands of people (and most of them drinking!), are there also many, many portapotties somewhere??? Ew.

  4. Call the incumbant out. Do NOT vote for him again, until he actually changes something, until he actually goes after these criminals in his own administra-tion.