I Just Want A Toothbrush

I Just Want A Toothbrush



A beautiful smile!
A beautiful smile!


Buying a home can be overwhelming.

Buying a car can be confusing.

But buying a new toothbrush should be neither!



Or so I thought upon facing the toothbrush “aisle.”  (Yeah, when something has its own “aisle,” you know you’re screwed!)


golden corralI thought it would be a no-brainer, grab & go item.  I had no idea buying a toothbrush would require more choices than Golden Corral!



There were toothbrushes with different sized heads.  Square heads.  Rectangular heads.  Heads that were tilted for a “greater angle of attack.”  (I know that is good for a putty knife–but this is my toothbrush!)


toothbrush 3



Many brushes had angled handles to reach back teeth.

Some were shaped like dental instruments.  (I don’t like going to the dentist, so why would I want to be reminded of this every time I brush my teeth?)



toothbrush 2

And the bristles of the toothbrush! 

 Hard or soft.  Different textures, lengths, sizes and shapes.  One brand had “bend & flex” bristles—am I brushing my teeth or doing calisthenics?


Some were “curved to clean between teeth and along the gum line.”

And a few had “soft gum stimulators” that resembled a French tickler for oral hygiene!



electric toothbrush

Further down the aisle, the choices for electric toothbrushes were just as numerous.

“Oscillating”…”Rotating”, these things had more moves than Beyonce!

In fact, the Sonicare Brand electric toothbrush vibrates at 31,000 strokes of brushing power per minute!

Thirty-one thousand!  Am I clearing away plaque…or filing down tooth enamel to the root!



So many choices, so few brain cells.

Maybe I’ll just stick to the free toothbrush my dentist provides each visit.

Have you faced this dental dilemma?  How did you make your choice?

Spit, rinse and share your comment.

And don’t forget to floss.


5 Replies to “I Just Want A Toothbrush”

  1. I bought a Walmart brand spin brush. It works great. It comes in handy for those days when I’m too weak and tired to brush. I have days when the tooth brush feels like it weighs a ton, and I’m so weak, I can’t perform the back and forth motion to brush. I knew I wanted something battery powered so decided on trying the cheapest one first. It does the trick, reasonable price, and I would recommend it to anyone that has experienced days when you are so weak and tired, you can’t even brush your teeth. Also, Walmart has a bag of these one use dental floss pick thingy’s. They’re great if you have difficulty holding the thread kind.

  2. I make my toothbrush choice the same way I choose a car – if I like the colour it’s mine! “course I change toothbrushes a lot more often than a car.

  3. With what we pay for the twice a year cleanings…..I use whatever brush they give/recommend…..and ask for extra floss

  4. Margaret,
    I understand completely! I too, have an electric toothbrush for those days when my energy is as flat as a used tube of toothpaste!

    Good advice. Dental care & fashion go hand in hand!

    I do the same.

    Don’t know what you are saying—just giving a shout out to the Germans!