Where’s The Sweeper?

Where’s The Sweeper?





In biology, mimicry is defined as the similarity of one species to another which protects one or both.




You are probably familiar with camouflage, in which a species resembles its surroundings in order to avoid detection.  Camouflage is a form of visual mimicry.





The Plant hopper is an excellent example of visual mimicry as the insect mimics a leaf to avoid predators.




walking stick



The Walking Stick is another example of mimicry.





But alas, mimicry is NOT limited exclusively to the animal world. 

My Odd Sock has found examples of camouflage within the home!



Follow me to the basement, where upon opening the lid to the chest freezer we find….

See any Flank Steak?
See any Flank Steak?


Whoa, holy crap!

No wonder I can’t find a damm thing.

Everything looks the same!

Quick, close the lid before the children are frightened!





Suck'em up with a Hoover!
Suck'em up with a Hoover!



Pictured here is the My Odd Sock corporate vacuum cleaning system.

The Wind Tunnel by Hoover.

A fine vacuum it is.





Hang up your coat and stay a while.
Hang up your coat and stay a while.


Here you can see is our Hoover in its natural appearance.


It is the first sweeper that doubles as a coat-rack!





But where does “mimicry” fit in? you ask.



The Hoover at home
The Hoover at home



Here it is!


The Hoover Wind Tunnel, blending into its environment, as stored within our closet!





THAT’S mimicry at its finest!




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