Frozen TV Dinners

Frozen TV Dinners


Dig in! (Remove the foil first)
Dig in! (Remove the foil first)

The TV dinner is a chow-time legend.  If it came in a foil tray–you knew it had to be good!

That picture on the box would taunt your mind and your taste buds…luring you into a TV dinner’s frozen deliciousness.


My favorite?…Beans & weanies without a doubt!  The sides were also to die for…golden cornbread and sweet, baked apples.

It was a TV dinner that tasted as good as it looked on the box!

But this My Odd Sock isn’t about those frozen meals of legacy.

No, this is about today’s frozen TV dinners—and how they compare to the sometimes deceptive picture on the packaging.  Let’s see how.

What’s first on the menu?…




Ah, this looks good!

Chicken with rice, vegetables and almonds.


Looks good.  Sounds good.  Let’s see how it looks when prepared…



Chicken with almonds.
Chicken with almonds.


Hey not bad.

Looks pretty much like the photo on the box.  Maybe my whole premise of this piece is out to lunch so to speak.


What other frozen delight do we have?





Hmm, roasted turkey & vegetables.

That too looks good on the box!

Let’s throw it in the microwave  and see what’s cookin….





That looks just like the box too!

I might be dining on roast turkey—but I may be eating some crow as well!


What’s next?






Ooo, stuffed cabbage and mashed taters.

That looks dee-lish Rachael Ray!

I enjoy stuffed cabbage…let’s see what it looks like when cooked…




IMG_0259Whoa, what’s that?

I see the mashed potatoes, but what happened to the cabbage?  Looks more like stuffed roadkill!

Wow, that isn’t even close to the picture on the box.


Maybe our last TV dinner will fare better…





OK, herb roasted chicken.

Creamy herb sauce (Is it “herb” or is it “erb?”), roasted potatoes and veggies.

Looks tremendous.

Can’t wait to dig in!  Let’s cook it up and see what we have…





Yikes!  What the hell happened?  Did somebody already eat my TV dinner?  Or did they run it over with a minivan? 

I’ve seen better looking crime scenes!

Thankfully the herb sauce is there to accent this whole septic system back-up!



But you know, TV dinners aren’t the only food products that can be deceiving.

How about we take a quick gander at my favorite treat…


chocolate chip


…the chocolate chip cookie!

The chocolate chip cookie is about the best food ever made!

There is no way to mess up this winning treat!



Let’s see how the chocolate chip looks to the makers of the Clif Bar….




What the?  Oh well, never say never I suppose!




What’s your favorite TV dinner?  And how does it compare when cooked to the picture on the box?

Bon appetit!





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  1. I’m not a vegetarian, but I will not eat meat in a box. I stick with the pasta dishes. After being in denial for the last 2 years after a major MS exaserbation, which made me only able to throw a box in the microwave, I signed up for Kosher Kart. Kosher Kart is a “Meals on Wheels” type of program sponsored by Jewish Family and Community Services for Seniors and the Disabled. There is a sliding scale, but I pay the asking price which is not much more than you pay for the box in the grocery store freezer. If your community has a similiar program, I highly recommend it. Don’t be in denial like I was. I have a box delivered once a week with 5 frozen balanced dinners, roll/bread and drink prepared by a catering company. If needed, the delivery person will put them in your freezer, and you get a bill once a month. You will eat better, and save time in the grocery store.